Gintaras Didžiapetris – Museo Villa Croce

<em>Optical events</em>, 2010, still

Optical events, 2010, still


The Villa Croce Museum presents the exhibition Color and device by Gintaras Didziapetris. Didziapetris’s artistic practice is characterized by the continuous search for an anachronistic dimension, of elusive forms  of existence and difficult to position within time. Made with different media (photographs, films, installations), his works appear suspended just outside the present, as wrapped in the patina of a past, not yet remote, that turns them into archaic and seductive. This is often made through minimal interventions, almost invisible, that covertly show a world where narrative and memory are intertwined, a mental world bearer of a hypnotic mysticism.
Didziapetris always responds to the exhibition context, analyzing it and playing with it with light irony. His works seem almost to give up the artistic reality in order to disappear in the everyday life, as if the artist wanted to escape the dominant logic of cultural overproduction.

 Museo Villa Croce – Via J. Ruffini 3, Genova
9 July – 8 September, 2013


<em>Transit</em>, 2012, still

Transit, 2012, still


<em>A Byzantine place</em>, 2011, still

A Byzantine place, 2011, still