SOS Sauna Boat – Joan Of Art, Gervasuti Foundation

Venice, Italy – Joan of Art – Towards a Free Education in collaboration with Maldives Pavilion presents SOS Sauna Boat 20-24 November, Gervasuti Foundation. 

The homogenization of learning and accreditation modes realized through the ‘Bologna Process’ accords with a marketization of education across Western Europe which threatens the diversity of subjects on offer as vocational subjects and those which lean towards the project of rationality become prioritized in terms of funding and resources.

The Venice Process – started at Gervasuti Foundation, in collaboration with the national Pavilion of the Maldives during the 55th Venice Biennale – aims at offering an alternative education and accreditation system offered by a network of international art institutions.

Events – including performances, seminars and workshops – will span the Biennale, culminating in the writing of a free course in art and ecology – written in conjunction with the Maldives Pavilion and a group of international artists and academics– and the delivery of a conference on accreditation systems in November 2013.

Simultaneously, a boat is being recycled and modified to run on ecofuel and incorporate a sauna by artists Harold de Bree, Laut Rosenbaum and Nick Tulinen in collaboration with artisans from the Venetian area of Castello, a zone with a rich history of craftmanship. This will be used as a case study for the aforementioned free course. 


About Joan of Art

Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education System starts from the very basis of what education is: the sharing of information.

This project – founded in 2012 in residence with Nomas Foundation – explores the very notion of education, so that a new system can be delivered through the recognition of the value of sharing knowledge between peers and across disciplines.

The final goal of Joan of Art is to set up a free accredited system in such a way that it can be delivered from anywhere in the world, growing and changing organically as it disperses via accessible communication platforms.

Project curator Mike Watson is in residence with Gervasuti Foundation for the duration of the Venice Biennale, in conjunction with the Maldives Pavilion. See here for further info.


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