Angie Keefer – Who’s There?


This exhibition will be viewable in alternate states during normal hours, from 2-6pm Wednesday through Saturday, and during extended hours, from 6-10pm Wednesday through Saturday. Spanning six-weeks, this is the first of three iterations, which will extend into 2014.

16mm film, color, no sound; 16mm projector; clear looper; projection stand; rear projection screen; window; courtyard; extended hours; mediators; vinyl wall label; fluorescent lights
2’45” loop, dimensions variable
edition of 6
title variable

Angie Keefer (b. 1977, Huntsville, Alabama; Lives in Hudson, New York) graduated from Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (1999). As an artist, writer, amateur engineer and occasional librarian, Keefer’s speculative non-fiction traces circuitous routes through specialized information. She has recently exhibited, staged, taught, or otherwise produced at Office for Contemporary Art (OCA), Norway (2013); Witte de With, Rotterdam (2013); Yale Union, Portland (2013); São Paulo Biennial, Brazil (2012); Museum of Modern Art, New York (2012); The Banff Centre, Canada (2012, 2011); Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2012); Artists Space, New York (2011-12); and Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius (2011); among others. In 2010, Keefer co-founded The Serving Library, a not-for-profit artists’ organization dedicated to publishing and archiving in a continuous loop, and is co-editor of The Serving Library’s bi-annual publication, The Bulletins.

Objectif Exhibition - Kleine Markt 7–9/26, Antwerp
May25 – July 6 2013