No Floor 3 – Point White Range by Adam Cruces

Point White Range is a process-oriented performance incorporating a range of art historical images to function as targets. The 13 images include circular pieces from the last 100 years of abstract modern art, with work from artists including Wassily Kandinsky, Marcel Duchamp, Max Bill, and Jasper Johns, among others. Through the performance the masterpieces are reanimated by serving a new function, one in which their geometric representations become directly applicable to the context, as targets. The targets will be printed on t-shirts to be shot at, culminating in an edition of wearable drawings. Point White Range will generate a forced collaboration with the aim of utilizing the shot as a gestural method for mark-making. On September 13, the performance will be streamed with live video, using the first-person shooter perspective, publicly viewable at

Point White Range is a direct translation of the French shooting term ‘point-blanc,’ which is the effective distance a shot can be made without having to compensate for gravity’s pull on the projectile. It was translated to ‘point-blank’ in English, but it has come to mean something entirely different – a shot that’s made in very close proximity to the target.

Adam Cruces is an artist whose work reflects today’s world of human-computer interaction and epochal transition. The change to an information-based culture has affected the way we interact with objects, our surroundings, and each other. In his recent projects, Cruces addresses this transformation by considering the contemporary boundary blur between tools/ necessity and decoration/ luxury. Thus, the technological realm of progression serves not only as a space to escape to, but also as a space to escape from.

NO FLOOR seeks to use the net as a physical space, it’s a stage which hosts live internet interventions. Once a happening has taken place it disappears from the web, leaving behind only a material object which contains a trace of the event ready to be spread out in the off-line world.