bruno + Metricubi present: POSTURE—TACTIC #1 Snejanka Mihaylova, Practical Training in Thinking

<em>Snejanka Mihaylova</em> , Practical Training in Thinking (book and performance) POSTURE—TACTIC #1

Snejanka Mihaylova , Practical Training in Thinking (book and performance) POSTURE—TACTIC #1


For the first time in Italy Snejanka Mihaylova – Bulgarian artist and philosopher interested in the relationship between philosophy and performance, processes of thought, language and theater – will present a performance based on her book Practical Training in Thinking, published in occasion of the exhibition Beyond Imagination (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam).
The title of this book and event are inspired by a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner entitled ‘Practical Training in Thought’ and their further development by Massimo Scaligero in Tecniche di Concentrazione Interiore.
“Practice in thinking presupposes a right attitude and proper feeling for thought. How can a right attitude toward thinking be attained? Anyone who believes that thought is merely an activity that takes place within his head or in his soul cannot have the right feeling for thought. [...] Considering the practice of thought, it must be realized that thoughts can only be drawn from a world in which they already exist. Just as water can only be taken from a glass that actually contains water, so thoughts can only be extracted from things within which these thoughts are concealed. The world is built by thought, and only for this reason can thought be extracted from it. [...] If a person can confidently believe that thoughts exist behind the things around him, and that the actual facts of life take their course in accordance with thought, he will be able to dispense with abstract thinking.”
Practical Training in Thinking is based on twelve “states of thought” and a series of corresponding thinking exercises. It is not to be considered a manual providing instruction or technique, but an approach to the practice of thought through writing and reading as well as the experience of the less verbalisable interior stage opened by the thinking exercises.
The book presentation is conceived as a performance. Here the theatrical event is decentred – not simply by substituting the external with an interiority, but through an investigation into the staging of ideas and their intrinsic possibility of transforming us, which at heart we recognise to be their performative quality.


Practical Training in Thinking

Conceived and written by Snejanka Mihaylova
Edited and designed by Philip Baber
Published by The Last Books


POSTURE—TACTIC is curated by Piersandra Di Matteo. The book presentation are conceived as events (talks, lectures and performances) that focus on the relationship between performativity and editorial production. A dynamic of extension and retraction from and towards the pages allows a duration that creates various relational spaces.

Thanks to: Elena Biserna, Enrico Bettinello, Phil Baber, Enrico De Stavola

Metricubi – Campiello delle Erbe 2003, San Polo, Venezia
September 13 – 7pm, 2013