Lorenzo Castore – Notebook II – s.t. foto libreria galleria, Rome

After four years from Notebook, Lorenzo Castore (1973) presents a new chapter of his own black and white photographic diary, born from the collaboration with s.t foto libreria galleria, where it will be displayed from October 7th to November 10th, at Fotografia-Festival Internazionale di Roma.

In 2009 the photographer summarized the core of his work: “Notebook is not a photographic project conceived for a specific end. I would take this pictures anyways; I take them where it happens, without a common thread, people are what captures me, the ones I have met for an instant, animals, walls, streets, clouds, everything. […] Of course, I would like them to not be perceived as self-referential, but as a hint to feed the imagination of the observer, I would like everyone to feel connected to them, that just from a glance they could say: “ I felt this way before, I know what you’re talking about….”. They are not captions of my life, but heat sources” .

Notebook II moves around the same assumptions, from the idea of recover, re-compose and share a set of situations and emotions of the personal daily life. It is not a linear story, with a thematic or chronologic order, but rather an album in which the pictures of familiar places and faces are combined to images of incidental encounters, not less intense.

As for Notebook, 2009, the images displayed have been selected and printed by Castore in a specific edition for the gallery s.t.: different size prints (from 13×18 to 40×50), conceived as unique specimens for this project. The dark room work has been curated by Matteo Alessandri, irreplaceable collaborator of the photographer.

s.t. foto libreria galleria - via degli ombrellari, 25 
October 7 – November 10, 2013