NUOVE//Residency project: FÊLURE by Morgane Tschiember

The series of works created by Morgane Tschiember during the period of artistic residency in NUOVE//Residency, Nove (VI), will be presented in exclusive in the VIP programme of the Fair Exhibition of FIAC 2013 (Grand Palais & Hors-les-Murs, Paris) and at the YIA-Youg International Art Fair in Paris, 24th-27th October 2013.

Morgane Tschiember has been the first guest in the residency program for international artists, in Nove, a historical site in the production of industrial and artistic ceramics. The Exhibition FÊLURE, presented by NUOVE//Residency + Civic Museum of Ceramics in Nove + Municipality of Nove and the Loevenbruck Gallery has been inaugurated on Sunday 15th September 2013 in the space of Terramica manufacturing, Nove, held during the 16th Edition of the Festa della Ceramica (Ceramics Fair).

During this NUOVE//Residency experience Morgane Tschiember has had the opportunity to know and work with the highest levels of company technical expertise and local masters, including: Luigi & Mario Bartolin (3B); Claudio Reginato; Claudio Lancerini and the staff of Terramica; Ruggero Carlesso of Decor 9; Giuseppe Bernardi and Crestani Ceramiche.

The subject of this Exhibition project by is manifested in a symbiotic connection with the historic nature of this small ceramic town. Morgane Tschiember deals with the dimensions of memory establishing her own logic in the creative process. There exist many assonances with tradition, coding historic as well as technical information in working with ceramics, translating a visual lexicon that is far removed from the original models.

In effect, FÊLURE is a chronicle of a change. Is the result of an anticipation of tales, physiognomies and illuminations from the past. A far flow, contiguous, that remains never-ending.