Edson Chagas – A Palazzo Gallery


After brilliantly winning the prestigious Golden Lion award at the 55th edition of the Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition with the Angola Pavilion, Luanda Encyclopedic City, curated by Paula Nascimento and Stefano Rabolli Pansera, A Palazzo Gallery has the honour to announce Edson Chagas’ first solo exhibition in Europe.
In the historical rooms of A Palazzo Gallery, Edson Chagas presents a selection of his works of great impact – including the series Found not taken, Luanda, which contributed to his triumph in Venice, and his research in London and Newport.
How can urban spaces be classified? According to what principles of organisation and towards what form of knowledge?
Chagas’s solo exhibition provides an answer to this question via a series of hitherto unseen pictures, such as Oikonomos, Tipo Pass and The Last Passenger, which juxtapose the reasoning about the form and how the city is perceived and experienced by the people who live there.
“It was always about the object and how it interacted with the space around it. Also what I feel when I look at it. It’s a learning process of the city, its people and rhythm.”
Urban mapping on the one hand and classification of the identities mapping urban and non-urban spaces on the other.
The systematic cataloguing of objects and people – including documents and poetry – at the exhibition takes on the shape of a map where the relations between forms, people and cities create new relations and unseen maps, invented spaces and suggestions for new ways of living them.
“I like to work in a way I can always find space to develop the work. Most of my work is series. It’s a method that reflects how I feel things. I’ve been working with objects, and although the thought around it reflects the relationship people develop with objects, there is some passion in seeing the relation between these objects.”

 A Palazzo Gallery – Piazza Tebaldo Busato 35, Brescia
From october 12, 2013

<em>Edson Chagas</em>