NAMES OF NUMBERS – An ongoing series of monographic books of drawings

NERO is pleased to present Names of Numbers, a new ongoing series of monographic books of drawings by artists, intellectuals, scientists and people devoted to other activities.

The series, curated by visual artist Carola Bonfili and NERO’s editor Valerio Mannucci, has the aim of considering drawing as a common language, often complementary or parallel to other forms of artistic or intellectual production. Each book presents the work of a single author in the form of a text-free publication composed by 30 b/w tables.

The flexible nature of drawing, and its ability to manifest the representational capacity of the imagination, lead its uses to assume a variety of different forms: the drawings collected in this series alternately appear like diaries, studies, drafts, syntheses, memories, or even, simply, expressions of leisurely interest.

The first four volumes, respectively by Taylor McKimens, Misaki Kawai, Thomas Braida and Paolo Merloni, are now released in a limited edition of 200 copies each, distributed in a selected network of bookshops in Europe and US.

For more info or to order the books online, see the direct links below:

Names of Numbers I – Taylor McKimens

Names of Numbers II – Misaki Kawai

Names of Numbers III – Thomas Braida

Names of Numbers IV – Paolo Merloni