Terna Prize 05 – To Be or Not to Be. With Others

To Be or Not to Be. With Others. The Regola d’Arte Social Network, the 2013 special edition of the Terna Prize – which in past years has seen the participation of over 9 thousand artists from all over Italy and abroad – is dedicated to the relationship between humans and solidarity. It is based on a dynamic structure, in keeping with the ongoing evolution of the contemporary art scene: the competition is open to adult artists of all nationalities who work in Italy. The artworks can be: installations, paintings, sculptures, photographs, light-boxes and videoart. The deadline for submissions is the 14th of November.

To Be or Not to Be. With Others. The Regola d’Arte Social Network: This is the theme of the Terna Prize 05, which calls on artists to provide a contemporary reflection on the relationship between humans and solidarity, on the need for renewed perception of and nearness to other people, valuing experiences where people come together and share commitments; possible approaches and extended responsibilities in today’s society, both near and far. A way to invite artists to also reinterpret the meaning and status of the ego, of that self-referential drive that is a necessary condition for artistic action, but not enough in and of itself.

Once again, the Prize’s new website is a platform where networking is both an opportunity and a necessity.

A simple stylistic choice, which however also underscores the complex nature of the contemporary world. Different, yet closely related points of view. Every molecule is an artist floating in a universe of relationships and interactions. A network of creativity, a network of solidarity.

“In line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, we are reaffirming our commitment to the promotion and support of culture and the community”, stated Terna Chairman, Luigi Roth “with a special edition of the Terna Prize, which, for the first time, encourages an innovative form of ‘solidarity among masters‘, as expressed in the competition‘s title.Today more than ever we know that the synergy between culture, society and business is not only possible, but also necessary, and Terna wishes to continue to be at the forefront by providing concrete examples. The creative aspect of the initiative, which addresses the topical social issue of the emotional and rational relationship existing between people from the perspective of a deeper and more participatory form of solidarity, will also be accompanied by a more tangible aspect: part of the prize money will be donated to one of the finalist projects of Sodalitas Social Innovation, in the category “Local environment and social exclusion, focused on the theme of intergenerational solidarity”.

The Prize’s curators are Cristiana Collu, Director of MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, and Gianluca Marziani, Director of Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts of Spoleto, in collaboration with young curators for a targeted search at local level, in the galleries and trend-setting centres, to discover new talent.

The work of the 15 finalists will be exhibited at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome, a now long-standing event of the Terna Prize during the Christmas holiday season, opening on December 19th and closing in mid-January 2014.

The 3 winners (first, second and third place) will be chosen by the Jury chaired by the Presiding Committee with Luigi Roth and Flavio Cattaneo, the Chairman and the CEO of Terna, and composed of renowned art collectors: Pietro Caccia Dominioni,Anna Rosa and Giovanni Cotroneo, Giorgio Fasol, Camilla Nesbitt, Giuseppina Panza di Biumo and Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.They will be joined by the artist Daniela De Lorenzo, winner of the previous edition of the Prize.

The prize money amounting to 60 thousand euros will be donated in part to one of the finalist projects of Sodalitas Social Innovation in the Italian category “Local environment and social exclusion”. The Sodalitas Foundation, a long-standing partner of Terna, brings together over 90 leading businesses in the Italian market and is recognized as being Italy’s trend-setting organization in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The artists too can play an active role in the project. The first-place winner will receive a purchase award with a value of 4,000 euros, the second-place winner 3,000 euros, and the third-place winner 2,000 euros.

Registrations are open at www.premioterna.com