Fishing with John

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Conceived as a complement to the exhibition by Honza Zamojski, recently hosted at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw, Poland, NERO is pleased to release the book Fishing With John.

What lay at the root of the concept for the exhibition is a synthesis between Honza Zamojski’s love of angling and his collector’s zeal. For several years now, he has been amassing photos of women posing with fish. Photographs made public on the Internet form the greater part of the collection, but it also features pictures printed in the columns of publications such as the venerable monthly, Wiadomo?ci W?dkarskie (Angling News).

The book is a kind of experiment stemming from the uniting of two concepts, that of the “artist book” and that of the scholarly study; it is an experiment wherein the artist avails himself of the pen and knowledge of others in order to carry out an analysis of the problem which is of interest to him. Zamojski makes conscious use of the power of the word ‘research’ in the contemporary world and plays with the freedom we attain as a result of observing the outwardly rigorous rules of academe. He perversely mocks political correctness and he involves world authorities in his meta-story. The book becomes a work of art just as the collection of photos showing nearly naked women with fish becomes a field of scholarly analysis, while the academic nature of the publication means that the self-evidently chauvinistic dimension of the collection fades into the background.

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