Nahum Tevet – Giacomo Guidi Arte Contemporanea


Building worlds without providing the related maps. This seems to be the center of Nahum Tevet’s poetry.
His works, created within established perimeters, are presented to the viewer as clusters of objects that in the apparent compositional disorder express instead a strong self-regularity. They let themselves look as finished works, in which the chaos of the creative moment no longer has space. Each element occupies a definite spot without any concession to the randomness of the accumulation.
The geometric perfection is a means, a compositive need to create an alternative, different order.
The safety transmitted by those objects and furniture elements used in the installations is only an initial feeling, because each chair, each table in the new architectures of Tevet forgets its own meaning of original functionality and turns into accomplished work.
His relationship with the recycling of objects is nothing unconventional, their reuse has in itself instead a tangible otherness. The warmth of something known fades into the desired coldness of the final representation.
Many the theoretical and historical references that his art suggests. The relationship with its origins and with the perfection of modernist architecture that have composed Tel Aviv, is obvious. But it is also crucial to understand the poetry of the artist, his impatience to be pigeonholed into given categories, and his declared satisfaction not to be enclosed, and therefore forced, in a defined theme.

Giacomo Guidi  Arte Contemporanea – Via Antonio Stoppani 15/c, Milano
October 10 – December 1, 2013

Via Antonio Stoppani 15/c (zona Porta Venezia), 20129 Milano – See more at: