Lorenzo Castore PRESENT TENSE slide show

It is the closing event of Lorenzo Castore’s Notebook, at s.t. foto libreria galleria

Before the closing of the exhibition, Tuesday, Nov. 12, s.t. will host a slide show designed and produced by the artist Castore: a personal montage of music and images, fished from the daily life of the photographer. The work will be repeated during the evening, between 19:00 and 23:00.

At s.t. you can also find the latest issue of NERO, which presents a photo-report by Castore, not included in the closing exhibit, featuring a girl of nine and a boy of eleven years old who co-authored the project.

s.t. foto libreria galleria- via degli ombrellari, 25  Rome
Tuesday 12 November at 19:00-23:00