14 November 2013

We are pleased to present the first screenshots of Spaghetti Notes, the weeklong live streaming performance by Davide Stucchi and Giangiacomo Rossetti, which is being broadcasted now on

NO FLOOR is a stage which hosts online interventions aiming for the interpretation of the net as a physical space. Once this video has run its complete course, it will disappear from the web in its entirety. Like an event that takes place in the physical world, only traces of its original eminence will be left behind: in the form of photos such as the ones displayed here, or through the thoughts, feelings, and ideas provoked in the viewers.

Spaghetti Notes is inspired by ASMR, a youtube video format whose acronym stands for: autonomous sensory meridian response. This response causes viewers to relax and to feel a pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp or peripheral region of the body in response to visual, auditory, olfactory and/or cognitive stimuli.

During these video performances, the artists prepare drawings made with invisible ink, a transparent fluid that needs to be activated by a heat source to become visible and which returns invisible when left cold. They do so while also preparing their meals, in order to make use of the heat of the stove for two purposes: both cooking and drawing.

The ‘cooking’ of the drawings is a reversible process, while the majority of what is cooked undergoes an irreversible process in which there is no remedy, and that does not allow a return to the previous stage. And so by making the drawings alongside meals there is a playful juxtaposition between reversible and irreversible action.

No Floor is live broadcasting channel for streaming happenings, performances and Internet interventions, conceived and developed by NERO collaborator, artist, and art director Federico Proietti. On November 23 at the NERO headquarters, No Floor will present its third edition by American artist Adam Cruces, based on his online performance, Point white range, which took place last September on