Dino Ignani – 80’s DARK PORTRAITS

In the context of the 9th edition of FotoLeggendo,  s.t. foto libreria galleria is pleased to present the solo show of Dino Ignani, 80’s Dark Portraits.

In the early Eighties, photographer Dino Ignani started focusing his research on those young people who identified themselves with a new musical aesthetics, but also and mostly with the look of the dark wave.

In the video-bars and in the discos of that period, particularly in Rome (from Black Out to the Uonna Club to the unforgettable Piper), but also in private parties, Dino Ignani would set up his stage, inviting all the audience to have their portraits taken. The result is a gallery of four-hundred black and white images, displayed for the first time in an exhibition aiming to bring out the documentary purpose of the project.

What is most striking in Ignani’s photographs is precisely his choice to offer us a neutral, detached representation of the new look of the Eighties. In this regard, Roberto D’Agostino writes: “In these photographs by Dino Ignani we find the Italy of the Eighties: young and youthful, unique and glaring, unbelievable and spectacular. Above all, it is the Italy of the ‘look’ that we find in this gallery of portraits of young people, it is the image of their youth, their tension, their vitality, their confusion, their effrontery, their zest for life and their fear of falling […]. Dino Ignani’s portraits are the materialization of an anxious search for identity, seduction, communication. These faces are looking at us and saying: Look! I have an image, therefore I am”.

s.t. foto libreria galleria – via degli ombrellari, 25, Roma
November 26 – January 5