20 November 2013

Adam Cruces, Point White Range, 2013

the 23rd of November – at the NERO hq – NO FLOOR presents its third edition Point White Range, by American artist Adam Cruces, based on the online performance that took place last October on www.no-floor.com.

Point White Range is a direct translation of the French shooting term “point-blanc,” which is the effective distance a shot can be made without having to compensate for gravity’s pull on the projectile. It was translated to “point-blank” in English, but it has come to mean something entirely different – a shot that’s made in extremely close proximity to the target.

Lascaux. 15,000 BC

Tomb of Nebamun: Nebamun & Wife Hunting Water Fowls, 1350 BC


From the Stone Age to present day, artists have addressed the act of shooting, attacking, and wounding in a variety of ways. This action is not necessarily the focal point of artworks conveying subjects such as hunting, religious events, battles, form, or space. Yet there is an inherently compelling element in the physical performance of an attack that relates to human nature. Attacking for sustenance or defending oneself/one’s territory is instinct, while accuracy and efficiency are skills to be honed. Shooting firearms even developed into sports using different weapons and, over time, targets that formerly resembled humans or animals (in shape or scale) are now replaced by circles.

Lucio Fontana, Spheres, 1957


Chris Burden, Shot, 1971


Timur Si-Qin, Bow on Stipper Poles, 2012


For the project, Adam Cruces collected a range of art historical images to function as his targets. The 13 images include circular abstract images from the last 100 years of modern art, when artists started breaking away from more traditional modes of representation. All 13 pieces make use of the circle in some form, which is often associated with unity, protection, and cycles. The artists include: Robert Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky, Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns, Alfons Schilling, Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, Max Bill, Kenneth Noland, Steve Parrino, Stephen Dean, and Anish Kapoor.

Through the performance, the masterpieces are reanimated by serving a new function, one in which their geometric representations become directly applicable to the context, as targets. The targets/ masterpieces have been printed on t-shirts to be shot at and function as an edition of wearable drawings. On Friday, 13th of September 2013, at the Arms Room (Houston, Texas, USA), using the perspective of a first-person shooter, the performance lasted 30 minutes with 10 shots fired at each shirt – 5 from a Glock 23 (Gen. 4) and 5 from an M4 Carbine (AR15). Thus, Point White Range generates a forced collaboration with the aim of utilizing the shot as a gestural method for mark-making.

Similar to Robert Rauschenberg’s “ Erased de Kooning,” Cruces destructs or removes in order to create. However, in this case, the intent is to collapse the negative notion of destroying masterpieces with the positive notion of celebrating the masterpieces through reactivation.

Lucio Fontana once said “Art dies but it is saved by gesture.” In Point White Range the “ gesture ” is twofold – (1) the artist breathes new life into old artworks and (2) with the firearm as his tool he incorporates the bullet hole as the mark. Fontana’s slashes and punctures evoke the sense of pain being inflicted upon a body, similar to the wounds seen in the numerous depictions of Saint Sebastian. The shirts in Point White Range bring the penetration one step closer in the translation to the body, through the viewer/collector that buys/wears the shirt.


NO FLOOR aims to develop/deepen an understanding of the internet as a physical space. http://www.no-floor.com/ is used as platform where the online action/event is live broadcasted within a limited amount of time. This can vary between a week and a month, at set times or 24/7. Once the event has taken place, it disappears from the web, leaving behind a physical object which contains a material trace of the event.

No Floor 3rd edition: Point White Range by Adam Cruces
Saturday November 23, 2013 - 6 pm – NERO Headquarters