braccia – Museo Marino Marini

Opening on thursday 28 november, 2013, at 7 pm at the Museo Marino Marini, is braccia, a project in two stages by the artist Alessandro Biggio (Cagliari, 1974). The project grew from the need to try out a different relationship between the conception and execution of a work of art.

After the first stage, which ran at the Museo Man in Nuoro from 13 september to 3 november, 2013, the Museo Marino Marini in Florence is hosting the second one. Besides the participation of the six international artists present in Sardinia – Alexandra Bircken (Cologne, Germany, 1967), Michael Höpfner (Krems, Austria, 1972), Luca Francesconi (Mantua, Italy 1979), J. Parker Valentine (Austin, USA, 1980), Ian Pedigo (Anchorage, USA, 1973) and Luca Trevisani (Verona, Italy, 1979), there will also be the presentation of work by Diego Perrone (Asti, Italy, 1970), Esther Kläes (Mainz, Germany, 1981) and Luca Monterastelli.

The artists involved, selected by Biggio according to criteria of affinity with his own work, were asked to develop a new project to create a work based on some general information, which differed each time and in the exchange that followed. Once the goals were defined, Biggio executed the works, in keeping with the instructions he had received. All of the works were created at a distance from their intellectual authors, in Sardinia, the artist’s residence. The condition of distance, along with the principle of delegation, was one of the key elements of braccia. In addition to bringing out some specific dynamics linked to the process of creating a work of art, braccia attempts to break the semantic association between the concepts of insularity and isolation, promoting an alternative idea of it, attempting to define this real and apparently unbridgeable distance as the locus of the relationship.

Museo Marino Marini – Piazza di San Pancrazio, Firenze
Opening Thursday 28 November, 2013, 7pm