Nicola Pecoraro – collicaligreggi

Like many European artists of his generation, Nicola Pecoraro has an evident disinterest in what appear to be the prevalent values on which much of contemporary artistic research is based.

He seems little concerned with placing his work through reference to history or the art system, but rather to a set of signals coming from everyday life. Signals that pile up and thicken, which tend to change in meaning or lose it altogether, a little like white noise generated by the accumulation of sound frequencies. This density makes understanding the work difficult and thus opens it up to many more interpretations.

This exhibition is an attempt to enable material thought to flow into a set of objects. In the creative process it is all fairly random; he uses wax because he has heard of it being used in a religious feast and because it can easily be found in Catania, just like the wood utilised for the moulds… “heaps of debris are created in every corner”. It is accidental to the extent that every action presupposes knowledge acquired from previous experience and/or gleaned from an expert craftsman at work. An aware, but at the same time intuitive approach, a way of working involving trial after trial, test after test, scrap after scrap, that enhances it with understanding and meaning up to the moment when the work comes about.

Three types of works are on show: a “painting” on plastic, wax sculptures and a slideshow projected on wall.

Like all his works, he defines these as the “waste products” of a process. They are polyethylene surfaces on which pigments, acids and materials of every kind act with partial autonomy. They are mass, they subtract air from a volume (the mould), take weight off a surface, they are monumental monoliths made up of ductile matter, but which when cooled becomes hard enough to be carved like stone, remaining sensitive to heat and environmental conditions. They are abstract images, but at the same time visions of a reality we are used to seeing, with a formal quality heightened by the black and white toning. Images photographed, manipulated and projected, just to complicate the reading or rather add further experience, further attempts.

Simple waste materials that nonetheless have an extraordinary plastic quality and equally a remarkable lyrical potential, aspects precisely of art and enough to make them different to what they actually are. They are works that may stimulate sensitivity, aesthetic judgment and yet equally tell and illustrate a segment of reality.

Starting off from no particular idea, no story or theme, just the work that becomes idea in the very process of being created.


Galleria collicaligreggi – Via Oliveto Scammacca 2A, Catania

October 19, 2013 – January 10, 2014