Maurizio Nannucci Q&A – Giacomo Guidi Gallery

NERO is happy to share a brief Q&A with Italian artist Maurizio Nannucci about his first personal exhibit in Rome which opened on December 7th at the Giacomo Guidi gallery.

Can you describe what will be exhibited in your new project at Giacomo Guidi?

There will be two works, two manifestos that explore the relationship between art, culture, and society…

You have used neon colors in your artwork since the 1960′s, what about neon is so powerful that you continue to use it today?

I love light & colours & fragility & the volatility of words.

 How do the works engage with or change the meaning of the gallery space?

Yes,  of course, I have changed the relation of the gallery space with the viewer… opening up a new dialogue!  But I have also physically modified the inside space of the gallery, the works must appear very close to each other…. as two sounds in contrast – harmonic and complementary.

 Is the strength you attribute to the written word in your neon writings a factor that influenced your collection and pioneering of artist’s books, catalogues and multiples?

Both are part of my research and are a continuous work in progress.

 What do you think about the fact that today more and more young artists are having artist books published for them?

Artist books are an important medium for the communication between artists and they are an important place to experiment and to verify one’s own ideas…I enjoy when I can see beautiful publications.

 How do you feel about having your first personal exhibition in Rome?

Exciting……. though I have participated at many museum exhibitions and I have realized some installations at the Auditorium and Fiumicino Airport … I do not often exhibit in Italian galleries and this is my first personal exhibition in Roma!


[Interviewed by Abigail Lewis]

(Photos by Giorgio Benni)

Giacomo Guidi  – Palazzo Sforza Cesarini – Vittorio Emanuelle II, 282-284
December 7, 2013 – February 28, 2014