Rosa Titanica – Gasconade’s dépendance in Rome

Last days of Rosa Titanica at gasconade’s guest in Rome. The exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions and events hosted by guest, gasconade’s branch in Rome. guest is located in a private apartment, within the Prati neighborhood. 

The exhibition present an artwork conceived twelve-hands by Alessandro Agudio, Marco Basta, Lupo Borgonovo, Beatrice Marchi, Andrea Romano and Davide Stucchi. The topic of human body has been chosen as a ‘plot’ for combining all the individual interventions; each artist has therefore contributed a ‘organ’, a ‘system’ o more simply a ‘part’ of the body (Alessandro: nape; Marco: skin; Lupo: taste buds; Beatrice: diaphragm; Andrea: voice; Davide: facial muscles). The artwork is then (literally) an ‘exquisite corpse’, which lays on the living room’s floor.

Within the brainstorming, the artists developed a morbid interest in the body functioning, especially around sexuality and its concerned scenarios. So, each of them has been commissioned to create a drawing providing with an insight into eroticism. The drawings are exhibited in the dining room.

November 30, 2013 – January 19, 2014
Open by appointment only
(guest, via Nicola Ricciotti 9, 00195 Rome, buzz Milvio, +39 06 3211356, +39 333 8151411 )