Andra Ursuta & Giorgio Andreotta Calò – Peep-Hole

On Wednesday, January 29th, Peep-Hole will present two personal shows: Fartchitectures by Andra Ursuta (Salonta, Romania, 1979) and Level by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venezia, 1979).

The work of Andra Ursuta (salonta, Romania, 1979), deeply influenced by the culture and history of her country of origin, reworks Balkan identity in a complex way, combining references to traditional folklore with research on feminine identity. Through the use of a vast range of materials – from organic substances like eggs to artificial things like resin, or other more traditional materials like marble and stone – the artist has explored a wide variety of techniques, with a leaning towards sculpture based on its immediate relationship with the body, an element that recurs almost obsessively in her output. Even when the human figure is not present, there is an echo of the body in Ursuta’s work that translates into irreverent, provocative and at times violent sculptures, charged with dark symbolism and black humor. The project created for Peep-Hole consists in reflection on power and the symbols that embody its image, through a series of works that revisit monuments from the past in a grotesque, caricatural way.

The research of Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice, 1979) gravitates around the idea of crossing, seen as a path of approach to the work, developed through a process of extraction of fragments from reality and reappropriation of the landscape and its history. Using abandoned spaces and buildings, salvaged materials and objects left at the mercy of the elements, Calò creates situations on the borderline between operations of participation and direct architectural intervention. Therefore the work shown to the audience is never an object made for the occasion or simply the result of a project, but the whole of a process and a time inserted in the physical character of the material, which takes “form” from the interaction with the context and the energies that are unleashed inside it. In the case of the project for Peep-Hole, Calò interacts with the space and its architectural structure, inverting the everyday logic of viewing of the place and opening up an unexpected perspective.

Peep-Hole – via Stilicone 10, 20154 Milan
January 30 – March 8 2014