Raime & Powell – Codalunga

Codalunga is pleased to announce the Inaugural event of its Winter / Spnng 2014. Friday, January 24th, the Grand Opening celebration for the renewal and expansion of the historic headquarters in Via Martin 16/1 8/20 at Vittorio Veneto, will be conducted by the sounds of two special guests:


POWELL established his Diagonal imprint in 2011 as an outlet for two acclaimed 12s that merged a personal fetish for No Wave, Post-Punk and EBM with a future-facing appreciation of outer dancefloor styles . He has since contributed EPs to Mute’s Liberation Technologies and the Boomkat affiliated Death of Rave. In all of his tracks, live Instrumentation, destitute samples, raw synth tones and quickfire bursts of analog noise jostle around sinister, muscular grooves that drift across unconventional rhythmic structures. His DJ sets are fast, unpredictable and surpnsing – with few records off-limits. He prides himself in merging disparate references into something intense, coherent and unexpected.

RAIME are Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, an enigmatic London-based duo seeking to re-establish electronic composition as a physical and emotionally inquisitive force. Their debut album, ‘Quarter Turns Over A Living Line’, is upon us, released on sharp London label Blackest Ever Black in November 2012, and a stunning new AN live show emerges with it.
To date, over three sold-out EPs released on and a select string of imperious live outings (Including at Sonar as watched by Aphex Twin, a pronounced admirer of their work , and dates with the likes of Hype Williams and Cut Hands), Raime have honed a shadowy aesthetic all of their own.
Their music offers a creeping, unavoidable sonic truth, moving steady and relentless from the speakers and weaving vast waves of sound, both beautifully Intricate and artfully industrial, around gut-shaking rhythm cycles. On ‘Quarter Turns Over A Living Line’ the gothic and industrial signifiers of their earlier work remains, but more submerged and oblique than ever – no less pronounced as influences than jungle’s rhythmic dynamism and doom metal’s oppressive weight, or aspects of techno, modern composition and dub.

Codalunga is the name chosen by Nico Vascellari for a section of his studio In Vittorio Veneto open to the public since 2005. Codalunga has always been devoted to experimentation in sound and vision and since its inauguration it has become a place of internat ional reference. Among the artists hosted it’s worth mentioning: Tazartes Gedaliah, Vatican Shadow, Jimmie Durham, Charlemagne Palestine, Prurient , Demdike Stare, Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, Kevin Drumm, Valerio Tricoli, Cut Hands, Stefano Pilia, Carlos Casas, Claudio Bobbins, Ninos Du Brasil, Aaron Dilloway, Phill Nib lock, Lorenzo Senni and many many more.

Codalunga – via Martiri 20, 31029 Vittorio Veneto
Opening Friday, January 24th