New Globe Notes

NERO is glad to present New Globe Notes, the new LP by British musician and artist Mike Cooper. The edition is composed of a vinyl plus a booklet and has been produced by NERO in collaboration with record label No=Fi Recordings.

For the past fifty years, Mike Cooper has been constantly experimenting with live composition, field recordings and free improvisation; in the late 90s he developed a particular kind of contemporary exotica inspired by his trips in the Pacific area; the result is, in his own words, an “imaginary, exotic, ambient soundscape of places that didn’t exist”.

New Globe Notes collects material previously released on Mike Cooper’s own imprint Hipshot Records, and is accompanied by a 34 paged booklet containing texts and pictures by Mike Cooper himself, plus a preface written by English author and experimentalist David Toop. Together with the audio pieces, the book tries to explore the intellectual and human background to a significant part of Mike Cooper’s artistic career, mostly dedicated to the redefinition of the idea of exotica in contemporary art and music, defined by the idea of re-representing a multitude of cultural references, through a very particular way of mixing elements and fantasies into a visionary model that goes beyond the simple idea of multiculturalism.

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