SHE DEVIL 6 – Studio Stefania Miscetti

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Studio Stefania Miscetti is presenting the sixth edition of SHE DEVIL video screening. As a progression of previous editions, this year it welcomes a greater number of curators – from the youngest to the most established – as it aims to operate as an open platform towards new and different experiences.

SHE DEVIL is the name of a heroine in the Marvel Comics Universe (Shanna the She Devil) and the title of the famous 1989 Susan Siedelman’s film. In this circumstance, it playfully alludes to the diabolic and bizarre spirit with which the artistic experience investigates daily life. The videos represent female points of view and place the various fields of video art research in direct contrast with one another.

SHE DEVIL THE SIXTH is based on the possibility of recovering the ability to imagine, to anticipate and to invent another “undefined” future: a sort of resurrection of the imagination so that any potential idea or ideal becomes real.

A displacement of the viewpoint which is so slight yet radical that it can lead to a future where it might even become an effective weapon for facing our times and interpreting the mas a critical point for change.

Perhaps it is precisely up to the women of today’s art world to come forward and apply their strength and intuition to unveil new paths by exerting a force on the subversive idea that history can be changed and that power relations can be reversed. Choose to remember what some might say is better to forget.

Curators                                  Artists

Antonia Alampi                        Malak Helmy
Dobrila Denegri                       Mana Salehi
Pia Lauro                                 Payal Kapadia
Orsola Mileti                            Barbara Visser
Manuela Pacella                     Jeanne Susplugas
Cristiana Perrella                    Larissa Sansour
Elena Giulia Rossi                   Kathryn Cornelius

For other infos about past editions you can go here: SHE DEVIL

STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI via delle Mantellate, 14 – Rome
February 25 – March 15, 2014    

(opening time: from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 to 8 pm)