NUOVA GESTIONE – Curated by Sguardo Contemporaneo

Rome’s outskirts have already proved to be suitable for displaying contemporary art: the second edition of Nuova Gestione, artistic project of urban renewal, conceived and curated by Sguardo Contemporaneo, is evidence.

Casalbertone, the area involved this year, hosts site specific interventions by Michela De Mattei, Grossi Maglioni, Maria Carmela Milano, Matteo Nasini, Daniele Spanò,  with the participation of TAU Studio.

Their works – conceived sticking to the guidelines of the project meant to revitalize disused commercial properties – take into account both the historical background and the current conditions of the area, lately marked by profound, social and architectural changes.

The project aims at contributing to the enhancement of the neighborhood, studded with an increasing number of abandoned spaces. These spaces are temporarily brought back to life, thanks to an unconventional cultural approach which provides a brand new insight into them.

The community-oriented project raises questions about the increasing lack of places for setting up exhibitions and, more specifically, producing contemporary art and culture.

The artists featured in Nuova Gestione were selected on the strength of their experimental attitude. They proved themselves capable of using different media and new styles; furthermore, they were able to relate to specific urban environments, engaging with people as well. The show intends to involve both the owners of the buildings and the inhabitants of the area. Both groups are invited to have a part in the completion of the creative practice witnessing the memories of their sites, from the origins to their current look.

On the opening day and over the following weeks, the visitors will be provided a map to localize the spaces hosting the works of art.

Matteo Nasini – Untitled Flow, 2014 installation view

Sguardo Contemporaneo – Viale Somalia 28, 00199 Roma
Opening Tuesday, March 11th – Sunday, March 23rd 2014