ÑEWPRESSIONISM – Istituto Svizzero di Roma

ÑEWPRESSIONISM is a workshop by artist and painter Miltos Manetas, commissioned by the Istituto Svizzero di Roma in the frame of the first edition of “Studio Roma” – Transdisciplinary program on the contemporary that takes place  in various location of Rome and in other Italian cities, from February to April 2014.

The three days of workshop see the participation of several international artists together with the 2013/2014 ISR members. It’s a public open program, articulated into several distinct special moments (check the list below). The idea of ÑEWPRESSIONISM is well explained by Manetas himself:

“We live in days of Metascreen. That’s to say, that screens (not computers) have now become a new layer of Nature. Screens and Networks.

Screens are things that “project”, “transmit”, “translate” but also “concile”, “isolate”, “protect”.

Screens protect from the view of the whole (they are showing just a part, just a bit at a time). Looking at screens, can’t give the whole “impression” and it doesn’t offer the impression of the “Whole. Alas! it can’t transmit the “feeling” of the entire landscape…

The feeling of Nature. How easy that feeling rises when it comes to trees, rivers, mountains. One has just to stay still in front of these (like the man in the painting of Caspar David Friedrich) and do nothing but watch!

The essence of the nature of what we call “natural world”, is gratis, it isn’t even interactive, its just there, our in the open, ready for the take!

When it comes to Networks though, things aren’t that direct, exactly because Networks, are for the moment reachable only through computer screens, those unbearable eye-traps, those uninvisible pocket-walls.

Here comes Painting. Here comes Representation to save the day!

In a Metascreen World, representing (through painting, printing techniques, ready-made photography etc.), the infinite locations of the Internet, the many-worlds scenario of videogames, the overwhelming new populations of avatars, is the only way to be looking at Nature “At Large”.

Painting the output of computers, is attempting to “grasp” the feeling of it all: natural AND technologic nature alike.

Finally, it is to try-for yet another time, like those guys in Paris, 150 years ago-to apply a “deeper realism”, something so cutting age that has to look quite light, quite easy and not very conceptual, something “impressionistic”.”


Special moments:

19 MARZO 2014

Alan Bogana
‘Alberi metaschermo’
h 16:16

Priscilla Tea
‘Alberi metaschermo’
h 17:17

Angelo Plessas
‘Websites and eternal internet brotherhood’
h 19:19

20 MARZO 2014

Mike Calvert
‘Invisible piano’
h 16:16

Amalia Ulman
‘Wrong Madonna’
h 17:17

‘Meeting with the invisible man’
Preceded by Pascal Janovjak’s reading
h 5:55 PM

Augustin Maurs
with the particpation of Domenico Billari and Benedetta Zucconi
‘Music performance for ÑEWPRESSIONISM’
h 18:18

Jon Rafman
‘Rome’s projection’
Music arrangement by Augustin Maurs
from 19:19 to 21:21

(Here you can check the complete list of participants)


Istituto Svizzero di Roma – Via Liguria 20, Rome
March 18-19-20, 2014