Florian Neufeldt – The Gallery Apart

Florian Neufeldt, Soliloquy (grey table), 2013, table structure, cm 45 x 25 x 20


The Gallery Apart presents the second solo show by Berlin based artist Florian Neufeldt.

Florian Neufeldt chooses sculpture as his medium, raising the bar of the Postmodernist lesson that knocked sculpture off its pedestal expanding the genre as an element that defines and shapes the exhibition space. Neufeldt treats in fact the object and the space as complementary, though distinct, factors. The objects and the space are never mere materials to be used, but they are also matter to be transformed into something new.

Neufeldt uses scrap or collected objects in the same sites where he produces his art installations. He oftentimes adds other materials, but his intervention is above all aimed to reconfigure, dissect and fragment the original object without discarding it but preserving its inner soul as well as the memory of its original function. Hence, each object tells its own story, its metamorphosis. Likewise the exhibition space is provided by the artist with equal dignity and, most of all, with a status of autonomy. It is a comparison of soliloquies between objects and spaces and, obviously, also a way the artists talks to and with himself.

The art work installed in the gallery’s entrance hall is exemplary. Using the frames and panes of the windows facing the street, the artist creates a sort of small shelter in which he places a heater also taken off the wall while preserving its function. The installation is set on the rooflight that visually connects the gallery’s first floor with the basement. The transformation of the window frames – therefore – involves not only the sculpture resulting from such a process of metamorphosis, it also shapes the exhibition space that, left at the mercy of inclement weather and of other atmospheric conditions due to the absence of windows, from the gallery’s inner space is actually transformed into an open-air space.

As a complement to such intervention, Neufeldt also presents a series of small-scale sculptures arranged in the gallery’s wide halls in order to establish a conceptual, as well as visual, relationship and influence based on the evident dimensional contrast.


The Gallery Apart – Via Francesco Negri, 43, 00154 Rome 
March 22 – May 17, 2014

(Opening March 22 at 6p.m.)


Florian Neufeldt, Soliloquy (black table), 2013, table structure, cm 50 x 20 x 18


Florian Neufeldt, The tendency to look up, 2013, part of door frame, cm 60 x 42 x 35


Florian Neufeldt, Trying the floor, 2012, motor, fluorescent tube, cable, dimensions variable