AIRBNB Pavilion – Venice

The AIRBNB Pavilion is an independent project curated by architects Fabrizio Ballabio, Alessandro Bava, Luis Ortega Govela and Octave Perrault. It will take place during the opening week of the 14th architecture Biennale in June, using AirBnB as a paradigm to explore the contemporary forms of domesticity.

In five years, AirBnB has re-purposed an unprecedented amount of architecture around the world. What used to be the fortress of the family and the individual is now a marketable asset in the economy: the online marketplace for short-term lodging has perhaps changed the home for good.

Today, AirBnB is a major actor of the much hoped-for ‘sharing economy’ but also remains an archetypal neo-liberal endeavour inviting all to be entrepreneurs of their own selves, financialising life at its core.

The AIRBNB Pavilion critically engages with the corporations owning the means of our identity, providing the infrastructure for our everyday lives and redefining the private realm and national borders. 

The Pavilion is about the house, the home and today’s life as it is revealed by AirBnB. Taking place in Venetian apartments rented through AirBnB, the exhibition will feature a series of contemporary architecture projects and works by contemporary artists focusing on the domestic.

Architectural drawings by 15 contemporary architects address questions of housing, while 15 artists are commissioned to realise images of interiors. The complete list of participants will be released on the 15th of May.

Press Preview is on 4th June from 6:30pm to 9:00pm (or by appointment).

The AIRBNB Pavilion will open to the public on the evening of the 4th of June 2014 and can be viewed by appointment on the 5th and 6th of June. The locations of the Pavilion will be disclosed on the 3rd of June on

AIRBNB Pavilion – Venice, Italy
4th to 6th of June 2014