WEARING POTENTIALITY (video review) – The Basement at Paradise Row

The Basement at Paradise Row is a new exhibition programme that showcases the works of emerging artists. Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, The Basement at Paradise Row runs concurrently alongside the main programme. Wearing Potentiality is the title of the group exhibition which opened on May 17 and will be up till June 28.


This is text/press release:

Potentiality. Oh yes, just do it.
Potentiality is to have a chance, to take risks, to maybe fail.
It is also that moment in which you let things be and explore limits.

The slippery definition of potentiality is here addressed, not as the future actualisation of an idea, but as the formless status of becoming.

Objects are full of potential. Materials are full of potential. Individuals are also full of potential.
The show celebrates a dynamic approach towards cultural making, looking at an enlarged notion of potentiality, imagined as a perfume to wear or an attitude.

Potentiality, in this context, is a vehicle to refuse fixed formal hierarchies, dismantling and removing elements from any original visual context, to form a set of instructions in the production of new works.

The result is a sort of material slang where each element offers to blend its characteristics with those of others, exchanging roles and re-awakening unexpected sensible features. New technologies support these metamorphoses with unprecedented possibilities, increasing accessibility and flattening differences between data, identities, images and objects.

Pushing ontological properties to opposite ends, the artists invited employ a variety of materials, references and processes to critically explore artistic forms and their wider collective cultural significance in relation to art history, life-styles, pop-culture, desire and representation.


This is the video review:


Wearing Potentiality – The Basement@Paradise Row
May 17 –  June 28, 2014