Oggetti Traditi

NERO is glad to present Oggetti traditi, the catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition by Davide Stucchi, which accompanies the project developed during his period of residence between Roma and Paris, within the programme 6ARTISTA. The book is a collection of poems written by some non-poets, people that he met during his period of residence in February 2014.

The exhibition brings together a selection of the artist’s artworks on which Stucchi has once again intervened, in order to reflect on their status and their function as fetish objects, and thence to arrive to a broader reflection on the aura surrounding the work of art. By intervening on his own artistic creations, as in sort of pentimento, Stucchi refreshes their meaning.

The choice of not including images is a way of underlying the role of the book as a paratext to the exhibition: Stucchi is wondering how writing can bear comparison with the betrayal and failure of the artwork and of its aura.

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