HELICOTREMA – Recorded Audio Festival


Nero is pleased to announce our partnership with Helicotremaa four-day festival curated by Blauer Hase in collaboration with Giulia Morucchio that will present a program of recorded audio pieces. The third edition of Helicotrema will take place from the 17th to the 20th of September, 2014 in Milan. For the occasion we are presenting an exclusive preview of four audio pieces that will be presented during the festival.

The expression “recorded audio pieces” originates from a lack of terms, in the current cultural lexicon, to indicate such timeline-based formats using solely the audio component. Secondly, such expression reveals the will of the project to investigate the status of a certain space-time dedicated to the gathering of an audience in order to listen to a recorded audio piece. In this sense, if such gatherings are the elements that constitute a film festival, the possibility to question such festival format for audio pieces is yet to be explored. The production of a space-time dedicated to timeline-based audio formats is the main objective of this proposal.

Helicotrema moves from the observation that, in the field of contemporary art and – to some extent – of contemporary theatre, the last decade has witnessed a gradual comeback of interest in the forms of audio plays, audio dramas, audio documentaries and various kinds of timeline-based formats based only on an acoustic component.


Francesco Cavaliere – Gancio Cielo Side B (excerpt)

Gancio Cielo is an audio story in Italian, which is divided into two parts, about thirty-five minutes long. Five characters are played by a single voice that tends to swap roles and scenarios. Gancio Cielo is a kind of mythological tale, from which language inventions, virtual music and semi-divine figures emerge. Written and performed by the author himself, it is published by the label Hundebiss Records.

Stanislao di Giugno – Pangea

“I superimposed the instrumental versions of the national anthems of all the countries in the world and made them play together on the same track. As the 182 anthems have different lengths, they are aligned in the middle, thus drawing a Gaussian curve. Therefore, listeners can distinctly hear parts of single anthems only at the beginning and at the end of the track, while most of the track sounds like a deafening cacophony, which gets more and more intense as it approaches its middle. A sonorous embrace – ideal and unsolved – to the earth and to humanity.”  – Stanislao di Giugno

Mike Cooper – Bangkok Sound

Bangkok Sound (dedicated to Apichatpong Weerasethakul) 2008 is a piece recorded by Mike Cooper in 2008 during a walk through the city market. For Mike Cooper, field recordings are live recordings of “found compositions,” rather than ethnographic documentations or collections of abstract sounds. They are indeed never post-produced: the only intervention is the act of choosing when to start and stop the recording. Throughout his almost fifty years of activity, and parallel to his actual musical compositions, Cooper has used these audio works to investigate and redefine the idea of exotica in contemporary art and music: by re-representing a multitude of cultural references through a peculiar mixture of elements and fantasies, Cooper molds a visionary model that goes beyond the simple idea of multiculturalism.

Nedko Solakov – Skype Conversation

Nedko Solakov’s audio piece is an improvised story recorded on the spot by Blauer Hase over a Skype call to the artist. When Blauer Hase first calls, Nedko is half naked in the bathroom and asks to be called back in two minutes. The conversation continues from there and Nedko tells stories about topics ranging from a painting called “The Fucked up Sunset” to black holes.

The festival will be hosted at Viafarini DOCVA and Careof DOCVA, as well as at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia and at the Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, with the collaboration of RAI Radio3Helicotrema C.O.D.A., a special closing event, will take place 21 September at Villa (Via Brozzoni 7, Brescia).

You can find the full program schedule for the festival here.