NERO is pleased to present There is No Place Like Home, an unusual group exhibition: a non-stop 24 hour temporary event curated by a group of artists who have spontaneously decided to join together in order to plan and organize a collective exhibition in an unfinished building. It is conceived by Alessandro Cicoria, Stanislao Di Giugno, Giuseppe Pietroniro and Marco Raparelli, in collaboration with Martina Adami, Giuliana Benassi, Davide  Franceschini, Valeria Giampietro and Giulia Lopalco. The point of departure is a desire to give form to a collective action and an opportunity for artists to participate and share in this action. The project is experimental and introduces a change in the relationship between the main protagonists of the art system (curator, artist, artwork, exhibition space) and analyzes the value of each element. There will be no curatorial direction proposing a theme for the show.

The exhibition will take place in a construction site where the base structure of the building is the exhibition space: there are no conventional entrances or structural architectural elements, but only the metaphor for this ongoing project that will be built over time.

Twenty-nine artists (Stefano Arienti, Simone Berti, Alessandro Cicoria, Eli Cortiñas, Stanislao Di Giugno, Lory Di Lillo, Flavio Favelli, Stefania Galegati Shines, Vitoria Gasteiz, Daniele Genadry, goldiechiari, Antonio Grulli, Thomas Hutton, Giovanni Kronemberg, Michaela Langenstein, Emiliano Maggi, Matteo Nasini, Norberto & Scintilla, Nicola Pecoraro, Alessandro Piangiamore, Federico Pietrella, Cesare Pietroiusti, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Daniele Puppi, Marco Raparelli, Max Renkel, Andrea Salvino, Alessandro Sarra, Corrado Sassi, Vedovamazzei) will exhibit their work and performances will be communicated at various times. The intention is not to criticize the art system, but rather, to provide an alternative approach. The exhibition is conceived in a construction site for its focus on the notion of evolution and openness. Performances, events and debates will be organized.

NERO will soon publish the catalogue of the exhibition.


THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME – Via Aurelia Antica 425, Rome
September 26-27-28, 2014 – non-stop hours

(opening September 26 – 10.30 pm)