Vita Sconessa di Enzo Cucchi – Carlos D’ercole

This month there will be two presentations held for the publication of the new book Vita Sconessa di Enzo Cucchi by Carlos d’Ercole. One will take place in Rome at the Lorcan O’Neill gallery on November 27th and the other in Paris at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Italian Institute of Culture) on November 28th.

This book investigates the unique identity of the artist Enzo Cucchi, protagonist of the Transavantguarde in Italy. His character and his work developed together and resemble one another, however, Carlos d’Ercole endeavours to understand Enzo Cucchi more thoroughly and intimately, how he managed to make such unique works and how he could declare such beautiful things and others so unbearable.

Carlos d’Ercole manages to resolve these enigmas by letting the artist speak, but especially the people who had been close to him during the itinerary of his work. Among the speakers there are gallery owners, artists, friends, co-workers, telling for the first time about how the personality of Enzo and his work are inextricably intertwined. The final image is dynamic, fascinating and unclear. That is, it matches the subject matter perfectly.

The volume contains over 70 previously unpublished photographs of the artist that portray him with the most important figures of the second half of the twentieth century such as Beuys, Warhol, De Dominicis, Clemente, Alders, Giacomelli, Boetti, Chia, Kiefer, Kounellis, Bonito Oliva, Paladino.

Lorcan O’Neill Gallery –  vicolo dei Catinari, 3, Rome
Thursday 27 November 2014 at 7pm 

Istituto Italiano di Cultura –  rue de Grenelle, 73, Paris
Friday 28 November 2014 at 6pm