The Swiss-Italian artist Pesce Khete will present his exhibition FAST DUNKEL, SHE SAYS, for the seventh edition of the Bivaccourbano_R residency program in Turin, in the spaces of Barriera, a former industrial complex that has been completely renovated since 2007. The catalog of the project will be there, which will be presented during the opening, with a text by Manuela Pacella.

In elaborating research carried out from September 2013 to March 2014, Pesce Khete focused on a further questioning of his own approach to artistic practice, highlighting developments in the semiotic evolution and consequent linguistic changes that are uncontrollable at times: to expand the possibilities of technical solutions in order to fragment and reorganize the primary need of representation, and finding a balance and completeness between having control and absence of the same.

Pesce Khete’s works are a balance of painting and analog photography – in a way that is instinctive and rational at the same time – that chase a feeling of vertigo generated by the awareness of the impossibility of the total perception of objects, and by the consciousness of the human limits of being able to only potentially know the entirety of their contents. Through a cataloging carried out by means of analog photography, the artist makes an observation of reality that finds a balance in the depletion of the pictorial image, always abstract and chaotic, contrasting with the large photo formats.

The exhibition of Pesce Khete is the pilot experience of the new formula of the Bivaccourbano_R project, which since 2013, includes the period of residency in the tram located in the roundabout of Corso Regio Parco/Corso Verona and a research grant providing the selected artist the time and financial support necessary to conduct research for six months.

Barriera and Diogene Project will be present at Artissima 2014 Space Museum in the exhibition, with a work that is an expression of the artist’s work held at the residence Bivaccourbano_R.

Pesce Khete, Untitled, 2014, spray paint, oil stick, linseed oil and artist tape on cotton paper, 341×271 cm


Pesce Khete, Untitled, 2014, inkjet Print from 35mm negative film, 250x166cm


Pesce Khete, Fast dunkel, she says, Installation view, Barriera, Turin


Pesce Khete, Fast dunkel, she says, Installation view, Barriera, Turin


Pesce Khete, Untitled, 2014, Spray paint, oil stick and wall colour dye pigment on cotton paper, 300x252cm



Barriera – Via Crescentino 25, Torino 
Opening 9 November 2014 – 13 December 2014