Studio, Via Del Babuino 125, 2° Piano, 00187, Roma (1-6 Aprile 2014)

NERO is glad to present Studio, Via Del Babuino 125, 2° Piano, 00187, Roma (1-6 Aprile 2014)a new multiple by Olaf Nicolai, one of Germany’s most prominent artists. The edition consists of a compact wooden box, containing six artists book and six reproductions of the original works presented in his namesake solo project at Studio Geddes in Rome.

The multiple is conceived as an exhibition in a box – a modern update of the legendary Duchampian Boîte-en-valise – which documents in a different format all the works included in the show. The artist had used the Studio Geddes as a working place and he had produced a series of drawings within three days recorded by a surveillance camera installed in the space. Each tape – which covers the time of production of one drawing – was then given to six different people (Elisabetta Benassi, Lorenzo Benedetti, Stefano Chiodi, Mario Codognato, Luca Lo Pinto and Francesco Stocchi), with the request of describing the content of the recording in a text. The people involved are close friends of the artist. In this sense the project is also a portrait of a friendship and of the strong relationship of Olaf Nicolai with the city of Rome, where he had shown many times.

The box includes 6 different artist’s books that contains the reproduction of each drawings alongside its own description. In addition to the artist’s books, the multiple presents all the drawings silkscreened maintaining the original size.

Find more info or order a copy here.