Passo a Due

NERO is glad to present Passo a Due, the catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition at the MAN in Nuoro (30 May-29 June) curated by Lorenzo Giusti, the director of the museum, and Elena Volpato, the person in charge for the conservation at GAM in Turin and for the collection of films and artist’s videos.

The first part of the book is composed by a selection of critical essays written by the two curators about the issue of animation and cinema in the field of visual arts. The second part displays all the artworks in the exhibition through some information sheets and images.

By telling the history of animation from the origins to the present age, the exhibition explores one of the most fascinating aspects of animation artworks: the possibility, proposed by the artists in the exhibition, of using animation as a magical ritual which gives life to the draw, the silhouette, the puppet, or the photographic image.

The artists in the exhibition are: Alexandre Alexeieff & Claire Parker, Max Almy, Berthold Bartosh, Claudio Cintoli, Segundo de Chomón, Émile Cohl, Maya Deren, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Ed Emshwiller, George Griffin, Noa Gur, Claus Holtz & Harmut Lerch, William Kentridge, Fernand Léger, Len Lye, Norman McLaren, Diego Perrone, Fratelli Quay, Robin Rhode, Jan Švankmajer, Stan Vanderbeek, Kara Walker.

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