POESIA CARNOSA “E Edition” – Sound Poetry Minifestival

On Tuesday 7 November, 2014 the sound poetry minifestival Poesia Carnosa will take place at 30 Formiche in Rome. This innovative, annual event was born in 2010 in Pigneto thanks to the curators and sound duo Jonida Prifti, poet of Albanian origin, and Stefano Di Trapani, Italian musician, also known as, Acchiappashpirt. On this occasion, the experiences of the avant-garde and neo-avanguardia will re-find themselves in an amalgam of poetic suggestions and abnormal music.

“In Italy, the poetic cycles are definitively a perpetual funeral. It is time for the zombies to come out from their rhetorical homes to be defeated once and for all. We will launch their poetic bait made from human flesh, piercing them with phonemic awls of sound.”

Since 2010, Poesia Carnosa has proposed a concept of the poetic festival diametrically opposed to classical readings. It consists of sound poetry and multimedia: videos, sounds, performance. Following the current that from futurism onwards has contaminated poetry with diverse disciplines of sensorial/frontal experience as well as entertainment/performance, Poesia Carnosa “throws the chairs into the fireplaces as well as the  institutional poets, and approaches a seemingly difficult subject with an air of rock.” Trying to regain and fertilize land which by now seemed burned out of the doldrums.

This year for the edition E, the English label My Dance The Skull will present their new series “Voice Studies.” Other artists include Tom White (UK), Sivlia Kastel (IT), Daniel Spicer (UK), Ezio Piermattei (IT), Ilir Lluka (AL) Esse Zeta Atona (IT), and Sec (ITA), in an ideal union between the Mediterranean and Northern Sea. There will also be two retrospectives with unreleased videos on Victor Cavallo and Patrizia Vicinelli, two remarkable symbols of outcast poetry.


Following you will find the official teaser of the festival that the organisers produced exclusively for NERO




Tom White will be performing a new piece for voices (found and prepared) manipulated live on reel to reel tape recorder and loud-speakers.

Tom White (b.1986) is an artist currently based in London, UK. His work traverses multi-media platforms including sound, experimental film and video, installation and live performance. Recent work includes Public Address a site-specific sound installation on the Southampton Way Estate, Peckham commissioned as part of At the moment of being heard exhibition at South London Gallery. Past commissions for Spill Festival of Performance, Milton Keynes Gallery and LUX Moving Image; and performances at Ende Tymes Festival, New York, Whitechapel Gallery (With Maya Dunietz), Colour out of Space Festival, Brighton, V22 and The Yard Theatre, London.


Ezio Piermattei (b.1980) is a Bologna based weirdo who creates nutsoid collages out of assorted mouth noises, heretical improvisation, kitchen sink charivari, nonsensical text and cheap tape machine/dictaphone manipulation. In 2014 he released a cd-r titled “Turismo Dentale” on Chocolate Monk, and a cassette collaboration with Dan Melchior via My Dance The Skull.


Daniel Spicer will be performing two pieces: a version of ‘The Diamond Life (For Henry Flynt)’ from his Voice Studies tape on My Dance The Skull; and a piece entitled ‘For Typewriter And Two Dictaphones.’

Daniel Spicer is a writer, broadcaster, poet and improviser based in Brighton, UK. He is a member of the chaotic electro-acoustic improvising ensemble, Bolide, and the free-jazz unit, West Hill Blast Quartet, and also performs solo works of sound poetry, spoken word and improvisation. Through all these projects, he has released a number of CDs and tapes on various labels. He presents a weekly radio show, The Mystery Lesson, on Brighton’s Radio Reverb 97.2FM, playing new releases in avant-garde improvised music, and is an occasional contributor to BBC Radio 3′s Jazz On 3 programme. He writes about music for The Wire and Jazzwise magazines and is currently working on books about Peter Brotzmann and Turkish psychedelic music. His poetry collection, ‘Notes for Colour’ will be released on Iodine press soon.


SEC_ is the moniker of Mimmo Napolitano, musician and composer of electro-acoustic music from Naples, with his Revox tape recorder, that he uses in a very physical and unconventional way. Continuously going beyond the boundaries between analog and digital, structured and improvised, narrative and abstract, SEC_ is rather interested in the relationship between the physicality of sound (and his generation) and what can perhaps be called a “musicality” made of cuts, twisted rhythms, sharp or animal-like sounds, deep drones, where you can hear echoes of sound poetry and horror film. Co-founder in 2003, of the avant-rock band Weltraum, from 2008 he worked with Mario Gabola in the duo Aspec(t) and with musicians from different areas (electro-acoustic, noise, free-rock). With these formations, and alone, he played in Europe in different types of rooms and events and festivals such as: Audible (Paris), All Ears (Oslo), AAVE (Helsinki), Cash (Avellino), Akouphene (Geneve ), Possible Music (Ivrea), Novara Jazz Winter (Novara) … He also pursues collaborations with Jerome Noetinger (“spin” LP), Olivier Di Placido (“Rainbow Grotesque” LP), Dave Phillips (“Medusa” CD), Valerio Tricoli, Andy Guhl, Ken Vandermark (Rara Avis band) Mat Pogo, Dario Sanfilippo ….


Esse Zeta Atona is a group of research and poetic action. A laboratory of speech and writing. Tending to always be on the verge of experimental performance and improvisation. The group consists of Laura Cingolani (currently working on the project sound hydrant, among others) and Fabio Lapiana (aka Atonal, who is also involved in the visual arts as one of the founders of Venerea Editions). Collective and individual publications have appeared in the magazines “Liberatura,” beggar – Roman Chronicles,” “Torazine” and “Catastrophe” and the anthology “LCI – Italian Chemical Literature.”


Visual artist, musician, singer, Kastel obtained a degree in Electronic Music, Sound Recording & Sound Engineering / Production Techniques at NYU-Institute of Audio Research in New York. She studied Indian singing with Lee Torchia in NYC (Pandit Pran Nath, La Monte Young) and follows workshops with Joan La Barbara. In Italy, she studied opera and pop soprano with Monia Massetti. In 2008, in Brooklyn she formed the Control Unit with guitarist Ninni Morgia (White Tornado, The Otracina …) which publishes a number of LPs, cassettes and CDs, and collaborated with Factrix, Smegma, Gate (Dead C), Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler, Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, Gary Smith, Massimo (Mego), Chris Cooper, Zac Davis and many others. Along with Control Unit she plays in the UK, USA, Brazil, Europe. She produces artwork and music for and with Seymour Glass and Lucien Tielens (BUFMS, Bananafish Magazine). Her solo work focuses on extended vocal techniques, synths, beats, percussion. Her first solo release “Love Tape” (2010) is widely praised by the international press, particularly by Julian Cope and the Wire Magazine.


A collaboration between the Albanian poet Jonida Prifti and sound artist SDT – a sound and video poetry/poetronic project formed in 2008. “Poetry pilots the electronic sound through wirings and feedbacks and so turns it into poetry itself. Their concept is inspired by the ouija board, which is oral communication as a path to paranormal activities that passes through the linguistic Babel, used to free the sense”.(Mapo magazine/Albania).They played at several experimental and poetry festivals as “Romapoesia” (Rome), “Poesiatotale” ( Rome), the “Anzio Art Biennale” (Anzio), “Keen fest”(Antwerp) ,”Secret Anarchy Garden” (London), “Colour out of Space” (Brighton). They manage the international sound poetry minfestival “Poesia Carnosa” in Rome.They release several audiopoems on Transeuropa, Ozky sound and Selvaelettrica labels.

Hupertext presents: MEDITERREANEAN TRONCHE 1


Ilir Lluka is an Albanian writer, sound-artist and electronic music composer. While his academic life lies outside literature and arts (he’s majored in Political Sciences and International Relations) he began the formation of his artistic background with poetry at the age of 11 until recent years when he began his autodidactic study and practice in electronic music composition and audio-programming. His soundworks are based on real-life psychological perceptions oftenly created by combining electronic sounds with synthesized field-recordings and acoustic instruments such as cello and in some cases including poetry in unconventional forms of verbal interaction with sound (as in RES, his collaboration with the poet Jonida Prifti) and have been presented in art galleries in Tirana and other artistic spaces, for installations, solo performances (including the National History Museum of Albania) and for a short film commissioned by the Albanian Academy of Arts. He has also contributed with soundworks in compilations published by labels such as Irregular Crates. Releases:-Looking at my Hands (Manyfeetunder Label, March 2014)

-RES – in collaboration with the poet Jonida Prifti (Ozky E-Sound, June 2014) -Ajóre (Batenim Netlabel, June 2014) His upcoming album “Shell” is scheduled to be published by Nostress Netlabel on December 2014 and will be promoted during Main Off Festival hosted by Brusio Netlabel (Palermo 13 December 2014)


30 Formiche – Via del Mandrione 3, Rome
Tuesday 7 November 2014