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On Friday, November 7th Yard Press presents the book launch for Dark Portraits Rome 1982 – 1985 by Dino Ignani which will be followed by a party held by Yard Press on Saturday, November 8th. Below you will find both the press release and event schedule for this celebratory weekend of the 80′s Dark Roman Scene.


“These pictures collect a kind of naive advertising in which each person photographed becomes the manager of one’s self, of one’s own appearance. [...] Everyone can dream or pretend to be anyone.”
– Roberto D’Agostino, 1986

Dark Portraits Rome 1982 -1985 is a book that brings together for the first time the nearly complete archive of Dino Ignani dedicated to the Dark Roman scene.

The first edition of the book consists of 300 copies, and in 576 pages mechanically repeats scans of the original negatives absent of the post-production done by the artist.

The dark community embraced the various musical trends and fashion of those years, from post-punk to new romantic to gothic. Pictures were taken in video-bars, nightclubs and other places of the Roman 80’s such as: Olimpo, Supersonic, Angelo Azzurro, Blu Bar, C-Club, Venezia, Black Out, Uonna Club, Piper, Cinema Espero. In these locations, Ignani invited the regulars to pose for his portraits by preparing a set ad hoc. Photographs of young people whom enlivened the Roman night life in the early 80s, in particular snapshots and portraits, where we see the need for the photographer to capture the individual characteristics and the aesthetic and emotional story of each person portrayed.

The makeup, accessories and hairstyles are the same elements that, as often happens with the latest trends, would be absorbed later by the fashion world.

Ignani chose black and white as the finished form of his project, resulting in a corpus of 350 images, some of which were published in Rockstar and other specialized magazines and exhibited for the first time in 1986, the year in which Roberto D’Agostino wrote the original text proposed in the volume.

The volume is co-produced with s.t. foto libreria galleria, which in 2013 realized an exhibit entitled “80’s Dark Portraits” curated by Matthew Castro and Paola Paleari.

Dino Ignani was born and lives in Rome. He began to take photographs in the mid-seventies, focusing on serial projects, often developed over several years. Among these, the series dedicated to the Italian poets, Intimate Portraits (Intimi ritratti), presented in 1987 by Enzo Siciliano and Diego murmur, and added to the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Cinisello Balsamo.

Yard Press is an independent publishing house in Rome, founded in 2014 by Giandomenico Carpentieri and Achille Filipponi that deals with visual culture and underground movements.



Friday, November 7th 2014 Via di Santa Passera n.25 00146 Roma

h 6.00 pm (by invitation)
Press tour
Presentation of the volume to journalists

h 7.00 pm (free entrance) Book signing
Exhibition of original prints

Estasy — Live, IT (myspace.com/extacysound)

Phantom Love — Dj set, IT Mannequin Records (www.mannequinrecords.com)

info@yardpress.it yardpress.it


Saturday, November 8th 2014 h 11.00 pm
Secret location – please contact: doppiapalma@gmail.com

Lumisokea — Live, BE/IT OpalTapes, Eat Concrete (lumisokea.com)

Phantom Love — Live, IT Mannequin Records (www.mannequinrecords.com)

Violet Poison — Dj set, IT
Violet Poison, Hospital Productions (soundcloud.com/violet-poison)

K Crew Dj Set Lswhr Dj set