Xing Presents RAUM – Autumn Program 2014

In November and December, Raum will be presenting three innovative interdisciplinary projects focusing on the new performance scene in Vienna, commissioned by INTPA Austria and Tanzquartier Wien. The exhibition begins with White For, a performance, or dynamic polymorphic and changing sculpture, capable of immersing oneself into a decidedly abstruse scenario, by the duo Karl Karner, visual artist, and Linda Samaraweerová, performer and choreographer, accompanied by the interventions of sound artists Rosi Rehformen and Royl Culbertson (13 November). Following White For, is the performance by Kroot Juurak and Alex BaileyAnimal Jokes (For Animals), the result of the research project on the humor of animals, especially domestic ones. The performance is designed for both a human public and a non-human one, “even if the rice is not guaranteed for the humans” (November 27). The third round of the Austrian scene, The Fellowship of the Quilted Dance, is a performance that revolves around the art of camouflage and traditional techniques of ‘quilting’ used to make complicated quilts. In addition to the choreographer Alix Eynaudi,  the costume designer Lise Lendais, the illustrator Cecile Tonizzo and curator and critic Quim Pujol are involved. They will share the work, forging bonds as in fellowships both ancient and recent (December 17).


Thursday November 13th 10:00pm – Karl Karner/Linda Samaraweerová/Royl Culbertson/Rosi Rehformen (A/CZ/USA/H) – White For
Thursday 27 November 10:00pm – Krõõt Juurak/Alex Bailey (A/Est/UK) – Animal Jokes (For Animals)
Wednesday 17 December 10:00pm – Alix Eynaudi/Lise Lendais/Quim Pujol/Cecile Tonizzo (A/F/E) – The Fellowship of the Quilted Dance

White For
a performance by Karl Karner and Linda Samaraweerová

How does the immediate environment affect a person’s being? How much does it affect our action? In White Forthe fine artist Karl Karner and the choreographer Linda Samaraweerová question the logics of participation in a familiar and felt environment. People and objects are understood here as equal actors: not only the person but also “things” construct and form the behaviour patterns. With materials and strategies of each of their artistic disciplines, the objects and spaces are grasped in their original form and function and manipulated until they are distorted and thereby reveal the inherent social orders and developments. Together with the sound artists Rosi Rehformen and Royl Culbertson, Karner and Samaraweerová get things on stage to speak. Between bamboo sticks, plastic components, catalytic converters and a mountain bike and in interaction with the performers, sound landscapes and structures thus develop that are simultaneously absurd, frightening, poetic and humorous.


Animal Jokes (For Animals)
a performance by Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey

Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey demonstrate the results of their research project on the subject of animal humor, focusing in particular on the humor of house pets. Anthropologist Lévi-Strauss stated famously in his Totemism (1962) that “animals are good to think with”. Maybe they are also good to laugh with.

The Fellowship of the Quilted Dance
a performance by Alix Eynaudi and Lise Lendais, Quim Pujol, Cecile Tonizzo

The Fellowship of the Quilted Dance is a preparatory performance for the next creation of Alix Eynaudi, Edelweiss, developed through the investigation of the art of camouflage and the craft of padding and quilting. The multi-faceted artistic team involved in Raum’sperformance is composed of Alix Eynaudi, choreographer and dancer, the costume and set designer Lise Lendais, the illustrator Cecile Tonizzo and the curator and critique Quim Pujol. While performing together, sharing work and forging bonds – not only metaphorically – they will run through the glossary of Eynaudi’s research, ordering them in an associative way between disappearance and invisibility, and ideally travelling through the comfort of a padded security blanket.

, the space of Xing in Bologna, is dedicated to supporting contemporary cultural production in the city. In eleven years of activity, Raum has maintained an active center that welcomes the results of the most innovative expressive research today. Raum has become a place for the verification and presentation of projects, as an opportunity for risky discussion, outside of the context and circuits of traditional realization that require solutions already well-established.