Artist William E. Jones has made films about a pornstar (Finished), the Southern Californian Latino fans of Morrissey (Is It Really So Strange?) and the unlikely documentary and/or narrative moments within sex films (v. o.), among other hypnotic and subtle works.  Through vivid photography, film and video, as well as considered and considerable prose (see his website:, Jones brings to attention modes of being and behaving almost on the brink of obsolescence.  No small part of his study is the labor involved in the production of the erotic (i. e., what it means to be “working,” or, as a favorite working boy’s t-shirt put it, “Porn Stars Work Hard”).  He carries on a tradition of experimental filmmaking in no small part about and within the noir heart of that intersection of bodies, industry, failure, and desire called Hollywoodland. 


(from This Necrophilic Strategy Entails Some Risk, Bidoun, Winter 2008)