Peonie – Le Scuderie

On Thursday, January 15th from 6pm-12am, the exhibition Peonie will open in the stables, a small enclosure of dwellings wrapped in ivy at the foot of Corso Francia, which for the whole of the nineteenth century was used as the exchange for mail horses, and which became in the ’70s a complex of garçonnieres and the backdrop for prohibited meetings, illegal couplings, base and extramarital, and which yet was coveted precisely for this; red light fantasies. Boiserie, frosted glass, evergreen palmettes, a maze of interconnecting rooms muffled by carpeting and soundproof walls to dream of sin.

Here we have collected and put on display some artworks which aim to explore the threshold of pornography, charting a territory which causes art embarrassment and endangers it, measuring the boundaries of its grace. Many have one thing in common: the view, or vision, is light years ahead of the speakable, and transcends it. They are literally obscene works, i.e. , not to be seen. From here starts the short circuit, the blinding and the darkness, and the lack of any sense, outside of the sudden and unexpected unveiling of the work of art, each work of art, seen as fornication and indecency. The penitential rite of Bede warned: when the emission of semen starts, the nullity begins.


Werner Buttner,  Julie de La Mettrie,  Giuseppe Desiato,  Alessandro D’Ottavio, Flavio Favelli,  Wade Guyton,  Otto Muehl, Pierre Molinier,  New Gentlemen’s Club,  Albert Oehlen,  Luigi Ontani,  Giorgio Orbi, Fabio Paleari,  Giuseppe Pietroniro, Daniele Puppi,  Max Renkel,  Mario Schifano,  Aurel Schmidt,  Fritz Schwegler,  Timm Ulrichs,  Louisa Van Leer,  Lawrence Weiner, Goldschmied & Chiari

Recommended for adult viewers only.

Alessandro Cicoria, Giuseppe Garrera, Claire de Rien

Le Scuderie – Viale di Tor di Quinto, 39, Rome
Opening 6pm-12am 15 January 2015 – 18 January 2015
By appointment only  +39 3494318158