Confessions of a Fit and Busy

13 January 2015

Zao Dha Diet was started two years ago by Nina Cristante. The first season aimed to follow a group of selected artists and writers on a month-long meal plan with the intention to use the material, works, and writings for a publication that never happened. Instead, Nina’s menus and guidelines got around, and by word of mouth she started following a number of people, with consultations, meetings and meal plans. Her practice became something between that of a nutritionist and a consultant, for people seeking to improve their current lifestyle but found it hard to individuate a diet that suited their life.

Zao Dha Diet (ZDD) has at its core self-recovery, self-sufficiency, frugality, simplicity, balance and personal taste. ZDD requires the individual to be in touch with themselves in order to know independently what is good or bad for them. ZDD implies that one-sided, normative ways of living advertised by consumer culture are not necessary. ZDD promotes independent lifestyles, while looking into the trends, commitments and aesthetics of the world of dieting and fitness.

Between the relations developed, the collaboration and friendship with artist Amalia Ulman is an important one. The following text is the first of a series that Amalia and Nina have composed together. In the text, Nina follows a middle class housewife, a yummy mummy while she loses her mind in the house. Home alone, husband at work, child at school, the woman navigates her perfect house while watching porn videos and fitness tutorials. Amalia also writes to Nina, her nutritionist, about how she feels while travelling and recovering from the many injuries caused by her coach accident.

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