Ciao! – Collicaligreggi Gallery

installation view


NERO is pleased to present the current group exhibition Ciao! by artists Federico Baronello, Hugo Canoilas, Tamàs Kaszás, Thomas Kratz, Emmanuelle Lainé, Filippo Leonardi, Christoph Meier, Ute Müller and Nicola Pecoraro at the Collicaligreggi Gallery in Catania.

How do you like the show?
I don’t know. I have just arrived. Look, I’ll grab a beer and come back to you.

A gathering of people. There is a bar, music is playing and artworks are in, on, and surrounding this scene. A precarious, wooden construction covered in palm leaves and painted in the spectrum of the rainbow functions as a counter. People look without looking, free from the usual preconceptions – when confronted with, or invited to look at – art, they seem as if they were obliged to understand.

Art is placed in between, and acts as a connecting device. It holds projections from viewers, sustains all sorts of theories and it might be used or abused to illustrate good or bad thematic shows. Ciao! is exactly this: something in between, that can mean anything but is also tangible. It is this, and not that – in an assertive, kind of Baldessarian way.
Like a palindrome composed of uneven letters, or a container both half full and half empty – Ciao! is prologue and end, it functions as hi and goodbye.
Here the artworks are looked at as if they were soft-drink advertisements, like the ones you see while getting out of the metro. They are seen, without offering resistance, in the midst of an event, a segment of time which is collectively experienced.
This is the opening of our new gallery space and this celebration aims to bring good luck, a good omen if you wish. It offers more time, to be spent looking, without looking at artworks. Pollock would be envious … a gallery filled with bodies in relation to artworks! In the end the only object that doesn’t escape the contemporary voracity of comprehending everything is the bar itself.
What is it? Where did it come from? What is its role in this exhibition? Is it a situation, a sculpture or a performance with those artists inside serving drinks? Now we start talking. Ciao!

installation view


Hugo canoilas


Nicola Pecoraro, untitled (cleaner1), 2013, ink, plastic, glue, paint on paper, cm.100×70


Ute Müller – Untitled, 2014 – felt pen on cotton, cm. 85×70



Collicaligreggi Gallery – Via Indaco 23, Catania
29 November 2014 – 22 January 2015