6TH SENSE – Minibar Stockholm

Minibar is happy to announce the first show of 2015, 6TH SENSE, a group show curated by Anna Sagström & Matilda TjäderThe exhibition features a mix of new and recent works by Joel Dean (US), Michael Guidetti (US), Jenny Kalliokulju (SE), Sasha Litvintseva (RUS), and Anna Sagström & Sydney Shen (SE/US), as well as a pamphlet released on the night of the opening featuring texts by Sydney Beaumont, Sean Fabi, Nora N. Khan, Ryan Kuo, Jenny Kalliokulju and Josh Minkus.

“The 6th Sense is ṩ ṡ ṣ ᵴ …”

Winners have a sixth sense, fortune tellers too.

Math teacher / sports teacher / chemistry lab assistant: 3 teachers intermingle in a generic school cafeteria somewhere in the north of somewhere north (backdrop: glaciated mountains). Forks flying like lances through the room, chairs used as human shields and occasional break in pubescent voices. Air is thick. Their conversation resembles a whisper game: one says something, another tries imitating it and by the third one the word has already filtered through sonic distractions one too many times.
Words derail and their decay becoming their virtue. 1

Discussing sensitivity (re (per) ceived) among kids: math teacher is watching the decorated wall. Distorted postcards from Paris, multiplied for an enhanced effect, different only by time passed, Mo (nu) ment of Love. Stamped with (t) errors of past experience, a tower raised and fallen, abnormal arousal and picturesque love. Once touched, later re-touched, implications are exploding. No one held up their hand, but everyone could easily point out France on the map, math teacher notes quietly. 2

Move your body, stretch out all over the floor, let gooo (words still echoing in sports teacher’s head). In tracksuit and whistle around the neck the teacher finds the level of interest as, ah, too disappointing. Downward spiral, perfection obsession. A vision: a little taste of natural sweetness at the tip of the tongue and what’s left is just an empty aluminium shell coated in green. Surges of battery lifestyle. 3.

Water dripping slowly into a plastic bucket placed out by the maintenance staff. Teachers start rounding off words said (whitewashing), and words not said (excuses). Conceal with solid materials: all blind spots will be illuminated with neon flashlights. Moulded scent of artificial blossom indicates the entry of the cleaning staff. Exit evocation: warmly welcomed. 4.

The ensemble goes outside, an anticipated shower rain soaks everyone but the sports teacher, who is now left with a feeling of physical and mental resistance. A scene like this, where the senses are enacted, the rain reveals as a concept for something “larger”. Before they separate they shake hands. This very time frame will be frozen, then duplicated and re-mediated. Camouflages suspended, a new day and a new pair of shades. A world in change. 5.

The Chimera as an image for a three-headed monster: a hybrid delineating non-sense
a capacity to trespass the finitude of five.
6: come undone, immerse and disperse.

Minibar Stockholm – Hälsingegatan 33, Stockholm
15 January 2015 – 7 February 2015