About the Error – TALES-ON – Fundación La Cueva

After the exhibtion at Casa de América in Madrid, About the Error / Sobre el Error travels across the Ocean arriving in Barranquilla, Colombia: a public art installation and various performances will be the focus of this second appointment at the IX Carneval Internacional de las Artes from 29 January  to 1 February 2015 of which TALES-ON and Bristot - historic Italian brand of coffee and inspiration for this project – are official partners. The exhibition is part of TALES-ON, a project coming from the desire to create a non-profit multilateral platform to carry on cultural research on the artistic and anthropologic experiences of various territories of the Southern hemisphere.

The project is curated by Marco Milan and is developed through the different media inviting artists and intellectuals to collaborate and speculate around a fixed theme; this will generate an archive of thoughts and creations inspired by the most significant contemporary issues.

The result is the publication of an artists’ book in collaboration with La Fabrica publishing house, as well as exhibitions, site-specific projects and gatherings where art and society, as well as visual and narrative, can dialogue creating an incubator of ideas and actions with free access.

TALES-ON is a contemporary version of the café sur la Rive Gauche, those places which have fostered the cultural life through integration of languages and disciplines. The platform is inspired and supported by Bristot, a historic Italian coffee brand based in Belluno, that has embraced it from the very beginning and has become an integral part with the goal of sharing a speculative philosophy and the enhancement of precious voices of marginal authors. TALES-ON is a way for Bristot to underline and highlight the sophisticated inspirations which have always guided the company.

The TALES-ON is an opportunity for both TALES-ON, to start a fruitful and productive exchange with one of the most interesting realities of Latin America as the Fundación La Cueva, the institution that made Barranquilla, epicentre of magical realism, one of the most active cities thanks to this event. Bristot actively participates in the 2015 edition not only through the support of TALES-ON – but also with a presence in the cafeteria of the foundation, the historical place of recreation and culture where artists and writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez loved to spend their time.

Colombia, according to Milan, is the place where one can find “contradictions and intellects able to fertilize the land from which misunderstanding and error can emerge, either as Karl Popper’s ‘stumble’ or as the popular and more simple interpretation ‘everything happens for a reason’ ”.

Error is the debut theme on which 5 artists and 5 writers from Colombia have been invited to work. The result of this collaboration between very well known representatives of the local culture is an artists’ book printed in 500 copies which will be delivered for free to cultural institutions around the world.

Artists Mateo López, Bernardo Ortiz, Nicolás Paris Vélez, Daniel Salamanca and Daniel Santiago Salguero, have developed their projects on a bi-dimensional space which is a 56x80cm page. There, they expressed their own point of view on the error using personal inspirations and all the creative codes emerging from them. Likewise, writers Óscar Collazos, Guillermo Linero Montes, Efraim Medina Reyes, Robert H. Marlowe and Juan Manuel Roca, have been asked to provide a short story based on the same theme so to combine narration and visual perception in one single multi-faceted result.

Curator Marco Milan explains:

We aimed to overcome the negative meaning of this term through statements and perceptions far from cultural assonance and from the expected. The idea of starting with Latin America derives from its ability to propose alternative paths and unorthodox visions on social, economic and cultural issues”.

The installation in Barranquilla consists of multiple elements; on the one hand an exhibition of the artist’s books as an actual artwork, in addition each piece that makes up the publication will be printed in multiple copies that visitors can take with them in order to continue the investigative process error independently.
The most spectacular part is made of 5 portals in cement designed and developed by Milan, inside which there a sound system will spread the sound of a voice reading extracts of European books, chosen by the authors on the basis of the special significance they have for them and the influence that they have had in their growth as men and as authors.

Marco Milan explains the concept of the intervention:

“The idea is to spread the thought starting from an oral and popular approach, stimulating the public to further reading in the libraries to which the volumes will be donated. The installation will be inaugurated during the festival days and then will be donated to the city permanently, with completion of one of the purposes of the platform which is that of social/educational intervention in these territories.”

Fundación La Cueva – Cra. 43 No. 59 – 03, Barranquilla, Colombia
31 January 2015 at 4:30pm
Participants: Juan Manuel Roca, Robert H. Marlowe, Guillermo Linero, and Efraim Medina Reyes

Teatro Amira de la Rosa – Carrera 54 No. 52 – 258, Barranquilla, Columbia
29 January 2015 – 1 February 2015
To be donated to the city