Vaalbara – Galleria FuoriCampo

The exhibition Vaalbara by Giovanni Giaretta and Renato Leotta will open on 14 February at 7:00pm at Galleria FuoriCampo in Siena. Among the works on show is Effect Majorana (la solfatara, recording of disapperance) 2014, realized by both Giovanni Giaretta and Renato Leotta. The unedited video documents some exercises of disappear in space. The contibution of Cesare Pietroiusti will be presented as well during the period of the exhibition.

There is some modern scientific evidence that appears to show that Vaalbara did once exist. This was the first supercontinent that is believed to have formed on the Earth around three billion years ago. The reconstruction of a proto-landscape is only possible through the traces it left in the visible landscape, left over from an age that existed many, many eons ago. An analysis of these traces allows scientists to suggest how it might have developed and changed, from its formation up until the present day, in terms of ordinary, human understanding however. This place of origin can be pictured in the mind’s eye by having recourse to those certainties that occupy a borderline area between the known reality and the unknown, and that allow us to steer a surer course in a more fixed space, centred around these two coordinates.

The landscape reveals itself and conceals itself, it is immobile and changeable at the same time; it is a conceptual and cyclical imaginary succession of distinct moments that can be recognised as belonging to similar periods that are carefully laid out along the axis of memory. Mental maps of our awareness, order and a reassurance for our conscience that delineate daily geographies, cosmogonies and the universal order.

If what I see is what I know, the imaginary landscape is perhaps an attempt to understand that which I know, without human categories and applications, another place in time – and a temporary one – that lies behind change, or underneath it, in terms of its own form and matter. The residual traces of a primordial landscape are transferred into another landscape, which the eye constantly accustoms itself to.

Galleria Fuoricampo – Via Salicotto 1/3, Piazza del Campo, Siena
17 february – 12 april 2015