Văcŭus – Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary


how to cure our soul, Conversation, inkjet photo on paper, 26 x 19 cm, 2014


On Saturday 21, February, at 6:30pm, the exhibition Văcŭus by the Abruzzi-based audio-visual duo how to cure our soul curated by Carla Capodimonti will open at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary in Trevi. The exhibition is the first scheduled for Galleria Cinica’s 2015 programme, a creative platform which aims to support and present the work of emerging artists.

The work of Marco Marzuoli and Alessandro Sergente, aka how to cure our soul, consists of an installation that occupies completely the exhibition space. Alternating projections, accompanied by a sound full of sampled repetitions, will be composed of various lo-fi recordings of old manipulated vinyl, low-frequency,t and environmental sounds. The work presented is specially developed for the gallery and adapts its contents to the space. The projected images – blurred, almost unrecognizable – play with the audience’s perception, without providing any reference points. The piece suggests an intuitive and ‘other’ approach; it is purified from conditionings thanks to the creation of fascinations that refer to an archaic identity and enable us to perceive the slightest changes. The sound also – produced by delayed reiterations – does its part. It draws inspiration from aleatory music – also known as change music, whose John Cage was one of the leading spokespersons – and from constituting structures which pioneered Morton Feldman’s minimalism: sounds coming from objects, randomly arising from places, the everyday life, and, consequently, from people with whom they interact.

how to cure our soul is an Abruzzi-based audio-visual artist duo; founded in 2010 by Marco Marzuoli (Atri, 1982) and later joined by Alessandro Sergente (Pescara, 1983), already active as a guitarist in Zippo band. Both graduated in Fine Arts, the duo created a universe of visions and sounds. Through a personal use of digital and analog instruments, how to cure our soul delves into philosophy, natural and human landscapes, and communication, by producing videos, music, and photos, which are outcomes of a personal reinterpretation of reality.

how to cure our soul’s exhibitions include: INCODEC, Inangolo, Pescara; OLE.01, PAN, Napoli; Dancity 2014, Palazzo Candiotti, Foligno; Supermarket Art Fair 2014, Kulturhuset, Stockholm; About a Wall, Museolaboratorio, Città Sant’Angelo, Pescara (2014); Tempo Riflesso, Comune di Castelvecchio Subequo and Comune di Corfinio, L’Aquila; Tabula Rasa, House of Culture, Rethymno, Creta; Tabula Rasa, Rifugio Franchetti 2433m d’altitudine, Gran Sasso D’Italia (2012).

how to cure our soul, Immobility I_Tension , Full HD Video, 2012


how to cure our soul, Tabula Rasa_II Silence, Full HD Video, 2011-2012 (frame 1)


Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary – Via Beato Placido Riccardi, Trevi
21 February – 26 April 2015