Dove il cielo è più vicino – Dello Scompiglio

Moira Ricci ”Dove il cielo è più vicino”, 2014, 12 inkjet prints on photo paper, Environmental Dimensions, Courtesy Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, Credits Moira Ricci


NERO is pleased to present the current exhibition Dove il cielo è più vicino (where the sky is closer) by Moira Ricci and curated by Emanuela De Cecco on exhibit until 29 March at the cultural association Dello Scompiglio in Lucca. The site-specific project by Ricci is about “land” and the loss of the function it has always had.

Dove il cielo è più vicino is a trajectory of a look, a tension, a desire.  As with all movements aimed in this direction, it can only succeed by carrying its weight lower to the ground.  A solid base is required in order to climb.  Trees know this; that to grow they need firm roots.  Climbers know this; that they need fixed points in order to be able to climb.  Everyone knows this; everyone who jumps, dances, tries to heal, tries to fly, who prays, dreams, who wants to change, who wants to escape.  It is a necessary journey for everyone.

Whoever wants to go to his heaven must feed his earth, care for it and make it fertile.  How can it be otherwise?  But what happens when this is no longer possible?

The artist, as always, draws from personal experience and knows well the consequences of the question.

At the centre of this work is the earth, an earth in crisis, less and less cultivated, increasingly abandoned by the farmers who are unable to  support themselves with their work.  Her father, uncle and a cousin are the only family members remaining who live like this and have no intention of leaving the farm, out of respect for the toils of the preceeding generations.  What can be done?

“Dove il cielo è più vicino,” says the artist, “is a prayer to the heavens, but also a warning to those who control us from above, a portrait of farms that have lost their identity and their significance, and an attempt to escape and at the same time the inability to act.”

There are three works on display that interact poetically with this condition.

A series of photographs of houses separated from their farms in the Maremma region during the Reclamation, houses that the artist, by erasing the doors and windows, has transformed into inert testimonials of this situation.

In the two videos that follow, the situation becomes animated, large works in progress, desires.

The first is a view from above of two flaming circles that refer to the English legend of the devil-Grim Reaper, created by the same plough used to regenerate the earth.  The second  documents the work to construct a kind of threshing-spaceship with her father, friends and family, to escape, an attempt that was destined to fail, but which, in that failure, opens up a space to do something here, with what it is, now, together….

Moira Ricci “Dove il cielo è più vicino”, 2014, 12 inkjet prints on photo paper, Environmental Dimensions, Courtesy Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, Credits Moira Ricci

Moira Ricci, “Dove il cielo è più vicino,” 2014. video HD, 58′ 26″. Courtesy Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio


Moira Ricci, “Dove il cielo è più vicino”, 2014. video HD, 2′. Courtesy Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio


Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio – Via di Vorno 67/B  Vorno, Capannori (Lucca)
15 November 2014 – 29 March 2015