3 March 2015

NERO presents its LA SCRITTURA DEGLI ECHI project, a daily programme of audio works broadcast over the MAXXI Museum’s public address system. For three months NERO will be occupying the virtual space of the Museum’s service communications to convey an ephemeral but collective voice with free interventions, some original, others not, by a number of artists. In the form of recordings, readings, extracts and sound effects, broadcasts will be made daily, at random times, from 27 February to 7 June.

LA SCRITTURA DEGLI ECHI does not create an identifiable space of representation, nor is it restricted to a purely exhibition dimension. On the contrary, it uses MAXXI’s public address system, which is designed to be invisible, ubiquitous and practical, while modifying its use. LA SCRITTURA DEGLI ECHI creates indirect interaction with the body of the Museum, restricting the intervention to an invisible dimension, which is subsidiary to the acoustic event broadcast over the public address system. This is neither a Sound Art exhibition nor a radio programme, but rather a series of sound interventions that enter into the institution’s everyday activities, giving the instability of sound the task of telling a lesser story.

This choral portrait is a way of producing a form of non-authoritarian self-representation, while also bringing into question the very idea of “representation”. What does it mean for NERO to exhibit itself in a museum setting? How can an organisation that works with a whole range of formats, artistic languages and contexts “describe” itself within an institution without altering its own space of expression? How can the actual means of interaction between NERO and the institutional setting be explained on the level of action, collaboration and constructive confrontation?

LA SCRITTURA DEGLI ECHI is an open form of enunciation, an area of emerging, non-didactic meanings that distance themselves from the fixity of the written word, reactivating memories, ideas and free forms of thought. NERO has entrusted the task of expressing itself to the voices that have inhabited it over the past ten years: about ninety artists, writers, photographers, musicians and intellectuals have freely contributed to the project, together composing an “auditory story” that is original and unlike any other.

No information will be given about the content to be broadcast, nor will there be any timetables, thus making the spoken language and sound event quite unexpected.

LA SCRITTURA DEGLI ECHI presents audio contributions from: Acchiappashpirt, After Howl, Cory Arcangel, Gianfranco Baruchello, Chiara Barzini, Elisabetta Benassi, Riccardo Benassi, Alicja Bielawska, Ross Birrell, Massimiliano Bomba, Carola Bonfili and Francesco Fonassi, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Canedicoda, Giuseppe Casetti, Lorenzo Castore, Spartacus Chetwynd, Alessandro Cicoria, Mike Cooper, Claudia Comte, Matthias Connor with Oliver Payne and Brian Degraw, Nina Cristante, Enzo Cucchi, Dario D’Aronco, Emanuele De Raymondi, Costantino Della Gherardesca, Filippo de Pisis, Rä di Martino, Stanislao Di Giugno, Dunja Herzog, Esc, Bob Flanagan, Mario Garcia Torres, Gelitin, Goldschmied & Chiari with Cristiano Fini, Francesca Grilli, Grip Casino, Helena Hladilová, Heroin In Tahiti, Invernomuto, Tobias Kaspar, Key Of Shame, Salvatore Lacagnina, Vincenzo Latronico, Emiliano Maggi, Mai Mai Mai, Marcello Maloberti, Tijana Mamula, Miltos Manetas, Michele Manfellotto, Fabio Mauri, Maurizio Nannucci, Matteo Nasini, Caterina Nelli and Saam Schlamminger, Olaf Nicolai, Giorgio Orbi, Eddie Peake, Francesco Pecoraro, Nicola Pecoraro, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Piangiamore, Cesare Pietroiusti, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Fabio Marco Pirovino, Gianni Politi, Riccardo Previdi, Primitive Art, Federico Proietti, Marco Raparelli, Max Renkel, Moira Ricci, Claudio Rocchetti, Amelia Rosselli, Andrea Salvino, Thomas Sauter, Lele Saveri, Nora Schultz, Marinella Senatore, Lorenzo Senni, Sissi, Davide Stucchi, Luca Trevisani, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Nico Vascellari, Valentina Vetturi, Johanna Viprey, Vipra, Luca Vitone.


A space devoted to the NERO’s publishing products has been created to accompany the LA SCRITTURA DEGLI ECHI project: in the cafeteria area a selection of books and artist’s editions, catalogues, and back issues of the magazine is available for free consultation by visitors to the Museum. Original seats and tables have been designed to allow the public to see the various materials within the normal, everyday operation of the café.

La scrittura degli echi
a project by NERO

In the frame of
The Independent
by Hou Hanru
with Giulia Ferracci and Elena Motisi

MAXXI – Via Guido Reni 4A, Rome
27 February – 7 June 2015