Yes Yes Yes alternative press – COLLI Independent Art Gallery

On Saturday 18 April at 6:30pm, COLLI Independent Art Gallery will present the exhibition YES YES YES alternative press, a research on alternative European and American press, called YES YES YES alternative press / 66-77 from Provo to Punk.

From the relationship between the primary publications, Dutch Provo (first issued in ’65) and the indirect derivations – the English publications and vast flourishing American scenario – the project is a study of this vast exo-publishing, especially in the field of visual graphics, beyond their highly politicized contents. The path that starts from the beat-hippie utopias and ends in 1977, the year of Punk, the last revolution before the post-modern alienation.

Starting from this research opens the show YES YES YES alternative press on the printing scene / contemporary graphics. Indeed, from the “master” magazines, eight studies / artist collectives / graphic designers were invited to interpret this alternate and deviant code. Interventions, dedicated and specific by Dallas, Dexter Sinister, Experimental Jetset, Will Holder, Pauline Kerleroux & Adéla Svobodová, Prill Vieceli Cremers, Studio Hato, and Batia Suter translate this matter into art posters and / or printed matter projects produced in limited edition with local artisans / craftsmen of printmaking.

Thus the exhibition offers two main sections: on the ground floor, a display of specific posters editions / typographic works on paper designed by contemporary artists inspired by this original material of alternative press; in the gallery basement, a chronological selection of 1966-77 counterculture publications, zines, newspapers, free presses from the European scene to the vast American east / west coast landscape. The aim is to highlight the visual-type-graphic surface of extraordinary magazines and underline the exchange between Europe-America as a central passage for a shared cultural heritage to be transmitted and document in contemporary publishing scene.

Soundscape at the opening by Simone Guido Izzi and Stefano Galli.

Exhibition catalog published by VIAINDUSTRIAE publishing and A+Mbookstore.

studio hato


prill vieceli cremers


dexter sinister


COLLI Independent Art Gallery – Via di Monserrato 40, Rome
18 April – 6 June 2015